Top 10 Unhealthy Day-To-Day Habits We All Share

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6. Inhaling the air inside your own home

Inhaling the air inside your own home

Counterintuitively, the air outdoors is not nearly as bad for you as the one inside, in spite of all the pollution, smoke, exhaust gases, so on and so forth. According to recent studies, the amounts of volatile organic compounds that are emanated by the paints, construction materials, cleaning substances, etc. is far greater indoors than anticipated. Leaving aside things from the common nasal irritations and eyesores to a constant state of exhaustion and dizziness, VOCs also cause serious health issues like damage to the liver, nervous system, pancreas and kidneys.


7. “Natural” fruit juice and dried fruits

fruit juice

While a number of specialists in the medical community recommend fruit juices as a healthy alternative to soda, let’s not forget that the notion of “natural” nowadays is basically left to the interpretation of the manufacturer. As of such, even the purest products on the market will contain sulphur dioxide, a frequently utilized preservative that has no place in our body because it decreases the respiratory system performance, acts as an inhibitor for certain nerve signals and it is basically listed as an allergen.


8. Happiness shortens your lifespan


A lengthy study with a high number of noticeable discoveries that was started nearly a century ago (1921) and that had over 1,500 participants, the “Longevity Project” uncovered among many other things that – statistically – a happy individual has a shorter lifespan on average than one who is slightly miserable. The explanation for the findings consists of the propensity displayed by cheerful people towards health gambles, burnout at a younger age and substance abuse. But at least they die with a smile on their face!


9. Popcorn flavoring agents and the containers


Those highly convenient wrappers that prevent the sauces in junk food from pervading through and staining your clothes are packed with noxious substances that eventually enter the aliments, according to a group of researchers in Toronto. In addition, the butter substitute utilized in flavoring the popcorn is one the main factors in the development of respiratory conditions. In fact, the people working in popcorn factories and retail centers are commonly exhibiting a condition dubbed “the popcorn workers lung”.


10. The application of sunscreen


Although applying sunscreen to protect our body from the UV rays is recommended by the medical community, this substance does not enable the organism from absorbing a highly necessary compound, namely Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with immune system malfunctions and the overall inability of the body to recuperate following an illness. Not to mention the fact that various sunscreens include a wide array of toxins.

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