Top 10 Tricks That Our Mind Regularly Plays On Us

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6. Your mind naturally seeks all forms of gratification


In a manner similar to the animals’ natural instinct of hunting for prey and shelter, the brain naturally seeks gratification at all times. It doesn’t matter whether or not you actually need that particular “reward” as long as the brain sees it and it is within reach. The problem is that in its pursuit for more or less necessary gratifications, it will get sidetracked and forget about the important goal.


7. The mind attempts to classify everything based on stereotypes and known patterns


Being able to rapidly fit an element into a familiar context was an invaluable skill in prehistoric times, when the survival of the individual depended highly on assessing the threat levels of an animal in order to decide the fight or flight response. However, stereotypical thinking that comes almost naturally prevents us from seeing the big picture and assessing all the factors involved in a decision. That’s how antiracial propaganda got started in the first place!


8. The brain will “fake” a strong bond with others based on little evidence


Superficial bonds between two or more people are mainly the result of over-appreciating the value of a certain gesture or the similarities between them. Just like in the case of stereotypes, it stems from being “too quick to judge” the character of the interlocutor based on a limited amount of evidence. And that’s one of the principles employed by con artists.


9. It will overemphasize the emergency of impulses


You need to differentiate between the concepts of emergency and importance in order to be able to sort out the tasks that can’t suffer another second of postponing and the ones that don’t represent a priority. To put it simply, use your reflexive capabilities whenever you are making a list of priorities rather than allow the brain to employ the automatic thinking for this purpose.


10. It will blame you for everything that’s wrong in the world

Blame yourself

The burden of guilt – often unjustified – constitutes the mind’s attempt to find the responsible factor whenever something doesn’t go according to plan. And, since you are the closest subject, why not? Therefore, whenever when you are starting to feel guilty, try to use the reflexive capabilities once more and find out if there is incriminating evidence before you spiral downwards on the guilt trip. Even if there are, learn to forgive and forget!

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