Top 10 Strangest Less Known Effects Of An Eclipse

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6. Eskimos who fall sick if they don’t respect a ritual


It is relatively easy for Eskimos to avert the alleged “specific eclipse illness” considering that all they have to do is turn the cooking utensils upside down. The roots of this superstition stem from the idea that the eclipse represents a period of sickness for the two astral bodies and the only way to avoid contagion is to shine the poisoned beams off repositioned cutlery.


7. Thailand’s demon-frightening noise routine


The concept that during the eclipse a certain evil entity is feasting on the Sun has been shared by many cultures including the Vikings who attributed the deed to a gigantic feral spirit. In Thailand, a similar superstition manifests since the ancient times, when the villagers thought evil spirits were eating away the Sun and, in order to prevent the end of days, making as much noise as possible via banging on pots and lighting fireworks was mandatory.


8. The alternative “face wash” in India


There are many superstitious beliefs related to the eclipse in India, like for instance that going to sleep during the eclipse with wet hair will transform you into a “lunatic”. However, the one that takes the cake is probably the concept that “cleaning” your eyes and face with urine will prevent any future eyesores. Except probably if this practice leads to an infection, of course!


9. Like storm chasers, but with eclipses

storm chasers

There are people – not few actually – who love to be in the vantage point whenever the eclipse unfolds in order to get the best view possible. This tradition was started back in 1972, when Marcy Sigler commissioned a boat with over 800 people on board just to travel the waters from New York to Nova Scotia, where the eclipse was most visible.


10. Addicted to eclipses


Umbraphiles – shadow lovers – are probably the most likely people to take part in an eclipse chasing expedition. Call them eccentric if you like, but they are very keen on not missing any eclipse, even if that implies travelling several thousand miles every one or two years.

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