Top 10 Most Overrated Songs

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Some of the songs in this list have gone on to become legendary. However, this does not mar the fact that they are overrated.


1. Light my Fire- The Doors

This popular song is boring and the chorus is dull and an insult to anybody who listens to it. While it is definitely vocally dull, something that comes as a shock when someone like Jim Morrison is singing, it is also lyrically dry. This ordinary song is definitely overrated.


2. Radiohead – Creep

Even though Radiohead is a splendid band and have undoubtedly released songs that are incredible, “Creep” isn’t one of them. It came out during the 1990s when the American culture was going through an awkward phase. The lyrics represent the situation at hand and therefore, ruin the song. However, it became very popular and thus, overrated.


3. Every KISS song

KISS did very well as a band but all their songs are extremely overrated. If you listen to all their songs at a stretch, you can practically feel your brain turn to mush. Their lyrics are senseless and their music is boring- what more can one ask for?


4. Sexyback- Justin Timberlake

While almost all his songs are literally mind-numbing because of his high-pitched voice, this one really takes the cake. The beat is catchy which is why the song did well but the listeners clearly learnt very long back that they must tune out his lyrics. A single verse is repeated again and again and then the song ends. The reason it did well is quite a mystery.


5. Unforgiven by Metallica

While this is definitely not as bad as the above mentioned songs, it is definitely overrated. The lyrics are okay, the beat is okay and the vocals are pretty average too. Other songs by Metallica such as “Master of Puppets” and “One” are definitely much better than “Unforgiven”.


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