Top 10 Ways to Go Green around the Home this Fall

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Have you thought about being friendlier to the environment lately? If so, focusing on how to go Green around the home this fall is a great place to start. After all with the end-of-summer-clean-up and preparation for winter there’s a lot more than just recycling on the agenda.

For example, better home efficiency and conservation are two of the most important considerations prior to the winter, especially when it comes to utilities.

That being the case, the following are the top 10 ways to go green around the home this fall. Go! Be Green! Make it happen!


1. Manual yard tools:

The final yard clean up of the season can sometimes be daunting but don’t let it get to you. Substitute electric or gas powered tools such as lawn mowers and weed whackers for manual versions. These include reel mowers or hand cutters. Less electricity usage means fewer emissions from power companies and not burning gasoline prevents localized fumes and spills that pollute the ground.


2. Compost yard clippings:

Once everything has been cut back, trimmed, and sheared you’ll likely have several piles of grass clippings, tree branches, and other yard debris to dispose of. In past years you may have sent it to a landfill or even tossed it in the garbage but one of the greenest things you could possibly do is dump it in a compost pile or convert thicker bark into mulch.


3. Wash garden containers:

Think back to last spring when the garden was planted. Remember those containers seedlings were grown in or transplanted into before they were put into the ground? If any show up during the yard clean up or were stuffed away in the garage collect and wash them out so they can be used next spring.


4. Seal drafts:

As the weather begins to change and cool air moves in drafts around windows and doors need to be sealed. Otherwise frigid air will slowly infiltrate causing your heating system to work harder. That’s because whether it’s a furnace, electric heater, or some other device maintaining a set temperature while competing with drafts means higher utility bills and more pollution. The bottom line: sealing drafts is one of the top Green acts of autumn.


5. Insulate:

Besides drafts one of the main reasons why heating systems may never live up to their potential is because of thin walls. Insulating the outer walls of your home will be most effective at keeping the heat in.


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