Top 10 Social Web Blog Sites

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There is a myriad of blog sites that cater to the hottest buzz in the cyber world- the social web. Here is our list of the top 10 social web blog sites.


1. 1000 Heads


This blog site focuses on marketing within the context of European setting though it also provides a clear perspective of marketing in general terms. Molly Flatt’s group provides an intelligent treatise of social web from the perspective of first hand experiences of a marketing company.


2. Apophenia


Danah Boyd consistently studies and researches about the human elements of social web. Of late, she has been focusing on young adults and teenagers. It is highly recommended that one reads her archives of interesting and useful articles.


3. Beth’s Blog


This blog site is not only for the big business and corporate geeks. Beth provides a collection of practical and useful information at how we can use them for non-profit undertakings.


4. Carnage4Life


This blog site provides a structured analysis of the developments and advancements in the Web by a professional Microsoft programmer. The more recent posts in these blog focus on the Google wave, RSS bandit ribbon and Twitter.


5. FactoryCity


Chris Messina has been very active in forging a more open and liberal approach to the social web. One can distinctively discover the engaging character of his blog. It serves as the window for the ideas, challenges and modern technologies that are associated with the web’s strong potential as a user-based application.


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