Top 10 Things You Can Put In Your Coffee Cup

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Humans are innately equipped with imagination and creativity, two traits that develop as we grow and learn more about our world. One of the main practical applications of these two invaluable skills consists of finding new and unique uses for the objects in our environment.

If you take a look at the newest trends in terms of multifunctional furniture, you should get the idea. The coffee cup is probably the most overlooked item in this sense, although as you are about to find out, its practicality extends far beyond holding your cup of Joe in the morning. In essence, the standard mug on your desk could fulfill a plethora of roles, helping you arrange and organize the smaller items on your desk. And that is just for starters!


1. Save the change you receive at the supermarket


A saved dollar is an earned dollar, according to common wisdom, but somehow all the change we receive from the cashier at the grocery store eventually gets misplaced and lost. That happens because we don’t have a designated container for the change and consequentially, we tend to leave it anywhere. In the pockets of last season’s jacket, on the table, under the couch cushions, so on and so forth. At the same time, the added value of change is often underestimated when in reality it can easily reach a couple hundred dollars. Therefore, if you don’t have a piggy bank or a vacation fund jar, the coffee mug could represent an excellent alternative.


2. Keeping your keys at hand at all times


How many times did you have to leave the house in a hurry only to realize that you can’t find your keys anywhere nor have any idea when you last saw them? Handling the house/car keys are an integral part of our routine and as such, our brain is mainly on “auto mode” while using them. These mechanical actions go unrecorded by the active memory, which explains why you won’t really be able to remember what you did with the keys, particularly if you are under a lot of stress. On the other hand, if you designate a cup for the keys and train yourself to store them there every single time, you will no longer experience this aggravating issue.


3. Any drinkable liquid can be stored in the mug!


At subconscious level, people exclusively associate the coffee cup with coffee and, as a result, they are reluctant to serve other beverages in it. It’s like a little voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you something is wrong when you put tea or energy drinks in the coffee cup. However, rationally speaking a cup is a cup, so there is no real reason for it to have only one purpose. You can save water and time by not having to wash several other cups, you can avoid that sticky dried grime on the bottom by cleaning it more often, so on and so forth.


4. Collecting marbles but you have no place to store them?

Collecting marbles

Collecting unique colorful marbles is an excellent pastime, but where would you possibly store them? Do you actually need a designated box for your assortment? Well no, because the cylindrical shape of the cup makes it an ideal storage space for the spherical marbles. On a side note, this can also apply very well for any type of collection that involves miniature pieces, irrespective of their shape.


5. Screws, nails, nuts and bolts

Screws, nails, nuts and bolts

You never know when you will have to disassemble your computer for its regular cleaning or when an electrical socket in your home has to be replaced. Sure, you have all the tools you need in the process, but what about the small components? Virtually every repair project is likely to require screw and nuts, so why not keep them nearby in order to access them easily? Again, the standard coffee mug is here to save the day.


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