Top 10 Things You Can Put In Your Coffee Cup

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6. A handy, minimalistic sewing kit

sewing kit

You don’t know what shame is until you have to parade around the office with a visible crack in your pants because your stretched a bit more than the textile permitted. Rather than let your self esteem take a big hit and earn more or less hilarious nicknames among colleagues, why not keep a small sewing kit at hand? Naturally, you simply cannot let pointy needles or the thread lying around on the table, because sooner or later you will prick your fingers. Yeah, you guessed it, just store them in the coffee mug!


7. Office supplies

Office supplies

Do you always have trouble finding a clip for your folder, a working pen or the box of staples under the pile of documents on your desk? Every single person who works within the belly of the bureaucratic machine will eventually have a nervous breakdown because of it, particularly when the deadlines are approaching. Now, without denying the fact that cleaning and organizing your desk regularly is a surefire way to keep a sane mind under pressure, you should also consider storing the smaller supplies that always seem to be hiding from you in a convenient location. Like, I don’t know…the coffee cup?


8. Grow a plant in a cup

plant in a cup

Are you taking a hiatus from coffee because caffeine is causing your ticker to go haywire? Then you probably know it’s not the easiest thing in the world, particularly due to the addictive nature of the substance. Rather than having the mug stare from the corner of your eye, practically inviting you to take a sip, you could set yourself free from temptation by filling it with an appropriate soil and growing a plant in it.


9. Sugar, spice and everything nice

sugar in a cup

Okay, so the break from coffee didn’t work out. Maybe you are annoyed that the coffee machine at work never gives enough sugar. Perhaps the meals at your cafeteria are bland and unsatisfactory. Well rather than let these little things kill your mood every day, you can bring your own spice/sugar/salt from home and store it in the mug. However, mugs that come with a lid are generally recommended for this purpose.


10. Jewelry and ornaments


You probably won’t store your family heirlooms in the mug at work, but at home the coffee cup represents an excellent place for the pieces you commonly wear.

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