Top 10 Best Shampoos for Men with Hair Problems

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Hairs are necessary part of a personality and give you a distinct identity as well as graceful looks. There is always a great problem of choosing a shampoo. Some years back, there was not a serious trend with regards to the shampoo selection but with the passage of time and with the increase in the environmental pollution there is an increase in the trend of selecting the best shampoo that has the ability to conserve the original hair tone.

I myself am always changing shampoos. It’s good to make that change, plus I am quite prone to buying whatever is on sale, as long as it smells good and makes me look sexy. Because of that trait, I have tried a lot of shampoos. Some of them are terrible, but the top 10 best shampoos on this top 10 list have made it into my permanent rotation, so I thought I would share them with everyone, especially for those with hair problems.


1. Head & Shoulders

Head and Shoulders

This shampoo for men is a miracle worker for men who have severe scalp problems. One consumer with dandruff so bad,  his scalp would “almost come off in chunks” says, “I have been using this for about 2 months now and I am completely dandruff free!” Another consumer who has psoriasis says, “As long as I use this shampoo daily (on both my face and hair) I have absolutely NO psoriasis breakouts! But go one day without it and the layers start building up and everything starts itching.”

Excess build up on your scalp can leave your hair looking thinner than it normally is. Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men 2 in 1 Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner has a specially designed hydrazinc formula that will remove build up and help restore your scalp to its healthy shape. It leaves you up to 100% flake free* and cleans for hair that’s fuller and thicker looking.


2. Men’s Pantene Shampoo


Pantene Pro V formula helps to make your hairs healthy, long and stronger for life time provided the constant use of this shampoo. It results in a very healthy hair style for both men and women who seek healthy and smooth hairs. This shampoo makes the fundamentals of hairs roots sturdier to avoid hair fall.


3. Redken Extra Cleansing


If you use tens of hair products, or suffer from oily, greasy hair, then REDKEN Extra Cleansing shampoo will help you pull back the signs of damage and restore hair from the roots. This extra strength cleanser has grit-technology that stimulates hair follicles for a deep clean that also promotes new growth. Orange zest will leave you refreshed, and the brewers yeast is a powerful supplement that restores damaged hair. This is a great all-round shampoo that targets many of the men’s hair care problems.


4. Bosley Shampoo


This is best for guys who are experiencing a thinning hairline. It contains DHT inhibitors that work best for men’s scalp. DHT is the main reason why men are experiencing hair loss. This shampoo has plankton-derived laminarghane that fights DHT.Bosley is cheap in price and at the same time includes a lot of varieties for different hair categories. Bosley is ranked the 4th best shampoos for men by Top 10 lists.


5. Neutrogena Shampoo

neutrogena shampoo

It has herbal and synthetic products which act together to give quick action for your hair. The cooling effect of menthol will never be forgotten by you. Neutrogena has almost all the crops a man should ever want in keeping himself at his best looks. This herbal shampoo is very much popular in United States. Neutrogena does not only produce shampoos but they have a large range of cosmetic products.


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