Top 10 Benefits Of Organic Foods For Children

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Organic food refers to aliments that are free of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives and all the other unsafe substances commonly found in processed food. While for an adult who eats mostly processed and fast food, the side effects and other health problems will appear in time to come, for children the same effects could be devastating. Essentially, as their bodies are just developing, a high intake of harmful substances could and will lead to the development of chronic conditions and cancer. Following is a list of advantages your children could also enjoy if you include extra organic food in their diet.


1. Less toxins to enter their bodies

ToxinsWhile in the US, it’s impossible to get the necessary funds for researching the connection between GMOs and health problems, it is necessary to mention that similar studies have been conducted in Europe. As you would expect, scientists stumbled across what every person conscious about his health and diet feared the most: the chemicals present in these foods – and more worrisome in the seeds the crops grow from – are causing fertility problems and are the main cause of cancer and tumors in animals. Even though the studies have not been carried on humans yet, frankly I don’t think the result will be very different.
2. A significantly reduced chance of developing leukemia

leukemiaShocking as it may sound, a few studies have proved the connection between lawn chemicals and child leukemia. Essentially, due to the high demand of products, some corporations have tainted the soil and groundwater in certain areas. Simply put, even if you don’t use chemicals for your lawn, there are high chances that the soil and water near your home have been contaminated. Socially responsible practices that emphasize on growing crops organically could reduce the level of chemical contamination in your community.


3. Fewer situations when the antibiotics are inefficient on them

antibioticsWith the numerous videos of corporate grown animal farms released on the internet lately, the world learned a very disturbing truth: it is essentially cheaper for such companies to feed animals antibiotics and grow them fat faster than with regular food. Obviously, people who eat the meat of animals that have been stuffed with chemicals will eventually develop resistance to antibiotics. This could prove lethal if your child develops a condition (MRSA) that medicine typically treats with antibiotics.


4. Organic food ensures a healthy development of the reproductive system

reproductive systemAs previously mentioned, studies carried out in Europe indicate that pesticides and chemicals utilized in agriculture these days affect the animals’ hormonal and endocrine systems. In all honesty, if you do a little research on the web, you will come across an abundance of cases of children who are experienced development abnormalities, such as boys growing breasts at an early age, diabetes and obesity in toddlers. The morbid examples could go on.


5. Your children will learn from an early age how to select their food

select foodIf you are responsible when you are going shopping and only purchase products with the USDA organic tag, your child will also learn about the importance of reading the label of the products that he/she buys. Since kids will be kids and that chocolate frosting cake in the window will always be a temptation, you should turn the family grocery shopping experience into a game. Your child might not appreciate it at first, but in the end even the sweets with the USDA label are better than nothing.


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