10 Quick Snacks Found in Gas Stations

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Some of the best home cooked meals can be found in your local gas station. This is a well kept secret by some to ensure when they go for lunch or dinner that there will be some for them. I am NOT promoting this store at all by any means. However, I am saying spend more wisely and think smarter. If you’re hungry, McDonald’s is NOT the only place open. And if you like food that is cheap, check out the deals at your local gas station convenience store. From Ice cold fountain drinks, to boiled peanuts, to hot dogs,coffee, sandwiches, and churros, you can save so much money just by taking a 1-3 minute drive down the road to a convenient store to catch a great deal for under $5 that will feed the entire family!

Check the photo below…see anything you would like to buy? Number one rule of convenience stores – don’t forget to pack a snack and you can avoid the pain of having to choose something. Of course, even Snack Girl isn’t perfect and was looking for a snack when she shot this photo.

convenience store

We’ve compiled a list of 10 quick snacks found in gas stations. Some of these items are stomach fillers, while many others are not so healthy to eat. However, people still buy them because they are juicy, yummy, delicious and quick to eat.


1. Beef Jerkey

Beef Jerky

No food helps you work out your frustrations as well as beef jerkey. If you feel like you might get lost, slowed by the elements, or stuck in traffic, be sure to grab some before the most arduous leg of your journey. You’ll thank us as you work out your anger at the traffic gods by gnawing your way through some beef jerkey rather than punching the dashboard and hurting your hand.


2. Hot Dogs

Hot Dog

We see that face you’re making. Don’t act you haven’t resorted to a gas station hot dog and kind of liked it. We’ve all been mesmerized by the red glow of those dogs that have clearly been simmering in that glass case for days. It’s never a good idea to buy one of these, but if you stare at them long enough, you can convince yourself to pull the trigger.


3. Trail Mixes

Trail Mix

When you become an adult, you often get the idea in your head that the only way to start a party is to get your hands on some booze and weed. Wrong! The original way to start a party is to get your hands on some righteous party, trail, or Chex mix. Odds are you can’t stand at least one part of the mix: Nobody loves corn chips, tortilla chips, cheese curls, pretzels AND knock-off Doritos. Half the fun of party mix is digging through the bag and tossing your least favorite pieces out on to the road to poison the local wildlife as you dine on only your favorite portions of the mix.


4. Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

Obviously whomever invented this bullshit is a genius. I dated a girl once who ate Snickers bars for breakfast and when I asked her why, she told me that “Snickers really satisfies.” She was like the kind of girl who treated commercial slogans like hypotheses she’d eagerly test out in his own life and then declare correct or not.  Since that relationship I’ve been off that sauce, but when it all comes down to it, this is the definition of a candy bar, although it gets a bit boring now.


5. Salted Seeds

salted seeds

Most gas stations sell sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, also known aspepitas, which make for a high-fiber, nutritious snack when portions are kept in proportion.A handful of sunflower seeds will take care of your hunger, while also enhancing your health by supplying significant amounts of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium.


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