Top 10 Fast Facts about Islam Worth Knowing

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6. Islamic Way of Life is According to the Scientific Way


Islam gives you a complete description of how you’re to spend your day, but all the actions that we do provide advantages to our health. For example, according to a research you blood pressure varies during the day so the doctors suggested that at least one time a day you should bend your body in such a way that the blood in your body rushes towards the head. The place is same as Sajdah the Muslims do five times a day during their prayers. Islam has also explained a proper time for sleeping, which is most beneficial time according to the studies done by scientist, the fast which the Muslims keep during Ramadan is a kind of dieting, and the positions in Namaz are similar to yoga. This is a never-ending list.

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Contemporary Muslim and non-Muslim scholars have recognized that scientific knowledge is not  necessarily neutral and objective, but instead carries values and concepts that are explicit to  modern Western culture. Therefore this has resulted in a concerted effort by  contemporary Islamic scholars to call for an ‘Islamic science’ or the ‘Islamization of knowledge’. Islamic scholars have also been calling for an  investigation to reflect back to the so-called ‘Golden Age of Islam’ when there seemed to have  been development in science; and an acceptance of harmony between religion and science. This  article examines how the tenets of Islam, and the Islamic view of nature facilitated the  development of science in the so-called ‘Golden Age of Islam’; how the Western view of nature  conflicts with the Islamic view. And how common or universal values can help build bridges  between modern science and Islamic science.

HarunYahya explains in an article published in Huffington Post how Islam confounds with science; unlike the Western view that claims the opposite. Science is a means that gives us access to the universe we live in and a factor that improves our life quality and increases life expectancy.

Science is an important reality that enables us to know the universe we inhabit, the Earth and our own bodies and to be able to appreciate all the beauties around us. Scientific advances have enlightened human life and opened the door to a healthier way of living. For example, by means of medical advances the average human life span today is much greater than it was a century ago. Even in the 1950s, average worldwide life expectancy was 47, whereas according to U.N. figures it had risen to 68 by 2010. Similarly, advances in other branches of science have made our lives easier and more comfortable.

For a sincere Muslim, science is a blessing that God has bestowed on humanity. Islam advocates a rational approach. In many verses of the Quran, God advises people to use their intelligence. He emphasizes the need for us to think rationally and scientifically, speaking of, “…those deeply rooted in knowledge…” and “…only people of intelligence pay heed.” (3:7). Another verse advises people to think about the formation of the universe: “…reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth…” (3:191)


7.  The Prophet Predicted Various Sects of Islam

Islam Sects

Today many people complain that the Muslims are divided into so many different sects but they do not know that the prophet  himself during his lifetime said that in the coming days the Muslims will divide themselves into 73 sects. People think that the sects are different from each other but the point is that the rituals which are being followed by the sects are the ones prophet himself followed during his life, none of the rituals are created by the people themselves, different people have selected some sunnah of the prophet and adapted them. The point is that it doesn’t matter if you pray with your hands folded on chest, or if your hands are folded on your abdominal or if your hands are lying straight, because prophet himself followed all three ways. There are mosques built by Shia and Sunnis but the thing is that every mosque is being built for Allah. People have different ways of praying but they all lie down in sajdah in front of the same creator.


8. Islam Orders to Attain All Scientific Teachings

Scientific Teaching

Many people have this opinion that Islam only asks it followers to receive the teachings of holy Quran, this is absolutely untrue. The holy prophet and the holy Quran asks all its followers to study all the fields related to science, mathematics, astronomy, physics, sociology, etc. the teaching of Islam is not restricted to a certain criteria but it has theories related to history, science and sociology.


9. Islam Does Not Ask Women to Wear the BURQA


Islam doesn’t ask the women to wear a burqa. the holy Quran says that the women are supposed to cover all their body parts properly, the dress should be loose, not very fitted so that the curves of a woman are not focused. Quran asks the women to cover their heads and cover their faces so that they may not have to endure the dirty stares of the men. There is no such thing as Burqa in the holy Quran or the teaching of holy prophets; the women however do wear Burqa because it is convenient. You can wear any kind of dress but it should not be cleavage, should cover all the body parts and your curves should not the focused, there is no point of wearing a so called Burqa if it is fitted, and if you do want to wear a Burqa it should be loose. You can choose any color you like for it, there is no law in Islam saying that the Burqa should be black, women wear black burqa because it doesn’t get dirty very often.


10. Einstein Theory of Relativity is Widely Used in Islam


The theory of relativity says that the mass, time and length remains same in constant frame of reference but they can fluctuate if the object moves with the speed of light. Einstein said that time; mass and length are not constant. Now the amazing thing is that this theory was already present in Quran and Quran was sent before Einstein was born. In surah kahf is the theory present related to time dilation, the surah gives a detailed description which relates a true event, another proof is of the event when the holy prophet went up in the sky to visit the heaven and hell during his life time and then came back to earth, he made a journey of 23 years in friction of seconds. That night is a very special night in the religion Islam. This night is another marvelous example of time dilation.

The Arabs measure time by the lunar year.  Hence if we apply this principle to the rotation of the moon in one thousand years, we find that according to scientific calculations, its speed in 299792.5 kilometer per second.  This result is in complete conformity with the speed of light according to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Dr. M. Hassab El Naby adds that according to Einstein “the speed of light is an absolute constant,” while time and place are just relative.  This fact is mentioned in the  Qur’an and is a confirmation of the theory of relativity.

To Him the angels and the spirit mount up in a day whereof the measure is fifty thousand years. (Qur’an 70: 4)

In this verse God mentions another speed which is fifty times the speed of light, namely the speed of “angels and the spirit”. Miraculously, this verse is void of the words “of your counting”, which is a clear indication that we will never reach this speed because it is beyond our modest means.

What is interesting is that, according to the Quaran, God states that the speed of angels varies:

Praise belongs to God, originator of heavens, and earth who appointed the angels to be messengers having wings two, three and four, increasing creation as He wills surely God is powerful over everything

(Qur’an 35:1)

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