Top 10 Ways Human Nature Contrasts With Politically Correct Morals

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6. The real reason men sexually harass women at work

sexual harass at work

An interesting, yet controversial theory about sexual harassment at work is that men tend to intimidate their female coworkers because they are not in fact sexist. In fact, according to some psychologists, such men are treating women in the same manner as their male coworkers and they are not really discriminating between genders and, as a consequence, they do not adjust their behavior during the interactions.


7. Men benefit the most from monogamy


Even though most men agree with polygamy, the truth is that they have a lot more advantages from monogamy. First off, most men would not stand a chance in a polygamous society, unless of course they are wealthy and currently have a high social status. Even if they get to marry a less desirable woman, it is still better than having nobody at all. But we’ll get to that in a bit.


8. Liberals are more intelligent than conservatives

Liberals vs conservatives

Intelligent in this case refers to the ability of a person to adapt relatively quickly to a new behavior. While conservatives work on maintaining the old system, which may or may not work in certain circumstances, the liberals could very well be an evolutionary novelty. After all, some of them are well renowned for eccentric thinking, high flexibility to the needs of the current society and weird, but effective measures.


9. Women who have daughters become more attractive

mom and daughter

Some psychologists suggest that beautiful women tend to have more daughters, at least by comparison with their plainer counterparts. Obviously, as the girls get older they “inherit” their mother’s beauty and hence, the pattern continues. However, while some experts claim that this behavior has made women in general more attractive, let’s not forget that nowadays they are also putting in more effort and paying more attention to their appearance.


10. The highest percentage of suicide bombers are…

suicide bombers

…you guessed it, Muslims. Even though not all suicidal bombings have a religious motivation, when they do happen they are almost exclusively practiced by a person of Muslim religion. The explanation for this fact comes from the evolutionary psychologists, namely that the extreme behaviors are typical for societies who promote polygamy. For every man with several wives, there are at least two other younger males of lower status who will remain unmarried. Therefore, the lack of a spouse and the associated intimate relationships will naturally make a man more violent.

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