Top 10 People Who Make Disney’s Scrooge McDuck Look Like A Philanthropist

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6. Larry Page

Larry Page

While Larry Page is renowned for his philanthropic acts, the truth is that not even his free flu shots program can mask the global greed grab of Google’s co-founder. While in theory Google has to pay about 39% from the profits in taxes, in reality the company’s contribution barely reaches 22%. If a rich corporation like Google doesn’t pay these taxes, guess who will?


7. Samuel Palmisano

Samuel Palmisano

As if reducing IBM’s staff to almost in half in ten years was not enough, before he retired Samuel Palmisano has made an important change to the retirement packages that will severely affect employees who are no longer with the company. To summarize, employees who will be dismissed in 2013 will not receive a match for the 401(k), regardless of whether they had to leave due to disability or if were laid off. Obviously, this is a powerful example that could inspire many of the CEOs across the nation. Lucky for Palmisano, he left early with $227 million package.


8. Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross will go down in the history of the United States as the most talented man in terms of exploiting the bankrupt. The most recent scandal Ross that was involved in consists in the purchase of the First Place Financial for $45 million. Although the US Treasury raised a red flag that this move would not work well for the taxpayers, Ross simply stated that this is not his problem. Furthermore, he celebrated his “victory” with a fundraiser dinner party at his mansion in Florida for Mitt Romney, an exclusive event where the entry fee was set at $50,000 a plate.


9. Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon

The recent UE passed law that sets an ethic limit to how much compensation bankers can receive appears to have awaken the kraken. Current chief of JPMorgan Chase has raged over the idea that starting with 2013 European bankers cannot collect bonuses bigger than twice their straight salaries and, some say, threatened that this better not happen in the US or else. Considering that Dimon earned over $23 million two years in a row, even after his company lost $2 billion due to a management mistake, we can clearly understand where he’s coming from.


10. Jack Welch

Jack Welch

Even though the former world top CEO of the 1990s has retired with a package most of us will not see in our entire lives (well, the number is $400 million), the truth is that this is not nearly enough for a person of his caliber. While most people reaching their twilight years prefer a quiet lifestyle, Jack Welch doesn’t miss an opportunity to pick on Warren Buffet due to the latter’s belief that the billionaires should pay more taxes. And the fun thing is that he collects $150,000 per appearance!


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