Top 10 Signs She’s Cheating on You

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6. She keeps jealousy in check.
woman jealous

Don’t delude yourself into thinking that your woman would never cheat and don’t rush to judgment either; if she is guilty of committing any signs on the list, perhaps it’s indicative that something is awry in the relationship. In any case, this is a great opportunity for you to address problems you may not have noticed before scanning this article.

More importantly, don’t let what may just be a bad case of jealousy taint your perception of her. Reading her the wrong way or jumping to conclusions can permanently sever a relationship; get all the facts before you confront her.


7. Family Detachment
Family Detachment

One sign that she may be cheating is that she detaches herself from your side of the family family. She may also stop hanging out with your friends and family as well, giving you some of the lamest excuses ever. The reason women do this is out of remorse or guilt. She feels guilty about cheating and will feel less pain if she does not immersed in your life- including family or friends. Remember, the less mental baggage she has holding her back, the easier it will be for her to commit the deed.


8. She develops a mysterious friend.
woman male friend

Peter Spalton, also known as ‘The Dating Doctor’, says that women who cheat will often create superficial friends to throw suspicious partners off course. He says: “You may find that she goes out with these friends regularly, maybe the same evening each week. She might even come up with a reason, maybe work or a hen party, so she can stay overnight.”


9. She becomes more secretive.
woman secretive

If your partner becomes increasingly secretive out of the blue it’s one of the obvious signs she’s got something to hide. He says: ‘She has her phone on silent vibrate and carries it with her all the time. She gets up when you’re both watching television in the evening to go to the loo and takes her phone with her. She seems anxious and gets agitated if you ask her if everything is all right.’


10. She carries a new scent.

Scent is another important sign of a cheating partner, but if she suddenly starts wearing a new fragrance, the alarm bells need not to go off right away.  She might be simply trying to spice things up in your relationship or sex life, depending on how well it goes.  Going off the deep end too soon could damage your love life — and may lead to divorce. However, if you smell another man’s cologne on her clothes, hands or neck, then she may be planting her lips where she should not. Watch out.


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