Top 10 Largest Breast Implants in the World

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Men will always look and check out a woman’s breasts, butt and legs. It’s in a man’s genes, and doing it just comes naturally. Of course, the tricky part is how to do it in a subtle manner so as not to offend the woman.

But sometimes, no matter how respectful or subtle a man can be, there are just instances when a man cannot steer his eyes away from his subject. Extremely large breasts are natural magnets for a man’s eye. Maybe, that is the reason why some women go to the extent of having implants to enhance the size and looks of their breasts.

They may have various reasons for doing so, but whether you call them fun bags, knockers, rack, boobs or whatever, here is a list of the top 10 largest breast implants in the world. Do you have any favorites? Be sure to comment in our blog section or check out our top 10 list of sexy blonde celebrities.

1. Chelsea Charms

Chelsea Charms

Normal breast enhancements usually involve around 400 to 500 cc of augmentation.

Chelsea Charms has the set the record for the biggest breast size in the world 2011 and therefore takes 1st place in the top 10 list of largest breast implants in the world.   Chelsea Charms, 35-year-old, showed off her amazing super extra large breasts with size, 164 XXX on an ITV show (see picture). Itsy and Bitsy, that’s how she calls her breasts, each weigh 13 kilograms.

Charms enlarged her breasts to attract men. No wonder, because her profession as a strip dancer and adult movie star demanded  her challenging appearance. She has secret serum that can increase the breasts size by 1 inch/month, which she used it regularly.


2. Sheyla Hershey

sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey is a Brazilian model who lives in Houston, TX. Hershey has had over 18 separate plastic surgeries, but her major claim to fame took was in 2010 when she upgraded her cup size to KKK.

Before the procedure, Hershey’s breasts were only 34FFF.  In May of 2010, she decided to go under the knife once more because, well…that’s what she does. Unfortunately for her, Texas law limits the amount of silicone a person can put in their body, so what did Sheyla do? Why, she returned home to Brazil to have the surgery done there.

As it turns out, the Texas law was enacted for a reason. After ballooning her bosom, Sheyla suffered severe staph and strep infections for months. This led to the removal of all FOUR of her implants, and a near mastectomy!

She officially takes 2nd place on the Top 10 List of Largest Breast Implants!


3. Beshine


She probably has the biggest breasts in all of Europe, and she went through the entire alphabet almost to achieve that distinction. Beshine started out as a B cup, but she now sports an amazing Z. And she loves every moment of it, as she craves for the attention even if it means getting a lot of stares and giggles. She has also become a fitness buff, regularly exercising to improve her back muscles in order for her to carry the heavy stuff up front. The only drawbacks she complains of are the lack of clothes that would fit her body and the inability to sleep on her stomach.

She officially takes 3rd place on the Top 10 List of Largest Breast Implants!


4. BB Gunns

BB Gunns

Chances are BB Gunns is not her real name. She officially takes 4th place on the Top 10 List of Largest Breast Implants with a breast size of 78HHH size. Then again, having a name like HHH Gunns, or Triple H Gunns, just does not flow as smoothly as BB Gunns.

Can you just imagine arriving to pick B.B. Gunns up for a date. She comes to the door in a dress cut just above her knees. Her giant boobs project out so far it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. She reminds you of Pandora Peaks only her breasts are far larger. These must be the world’s largest breasts. Certainly some of the world’s largest breast implants. You glance at her immense cleavage. Oh how you would like to stick your hard cock between her fleshy mounds and tit fuck her all night. You head off to dinner at a nice restaurant near by.

At the restaurant, people stop eating when they see B.B Gunns. They are astonished as they’ve never seen such big breasts. But also because she is stunning and is the epitome of the amazing female form. Her womanly hips show she can bear children with ease. Her exaggerated breasts signify her ability to nourish her family to a degree no other woman can. All the men in the room desire BB Gunns huge tits. They want big boobs. Maybe their dates even have them, but not like your woman.


5. Busty Dusty

Busty Dusty

Busty Dusty is a retired adult film actress and exotic dancer. Her bra size was billed erroneously as a 90HHH, which is ridiculous, but her actual measurements were reported to be 54-24-34, which is way more tasteful and understated. She is most famous for engaging in threesomes, mostly with two men, during her stints as a stripper. I think that information just bumped the quadratic equation out of our heads.

She officially takes 5th place on the Top 10 List of Largest Breast Implants!


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    You have a picture of the wrong Minka on here. number 6 you have a photo of Minka Kelly who is an American film actress not a porn star or tennis coach. And she was born in Los need to update this before you get a lawsuit. I would suggest you get all your facts straight before posting incorrect information.