Top 10 Most Expensive Homes

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A house is traditionally the most expensive purchase we ever have to make. Getting onto the property ladder is a big step especially with house prices being as high as they are these days. In fact most people struggle to attain a mortgage as the banks have largely requested much higher deposits. The average purchase price of a detached house in the UK is now £249,000 which is roughly ten times the average wage. This may seem a like a huge figure but it is nothing compared to the value of some houses.  With this in mind, we now take a look at some of the world’s most expensive homes.


1. Starwood Estate, Colorado

Starwood Estate, Colorado

Beautiful scenery surrounds this property in Aspen. This truly is a beautiful villa with 7 bedrooms and fireplaces at every turn. The house boasts a bar with a mountain view and a Jacuzzi. The price is the lowest on this list but is still a staggering $135,000,000.


2. One Hyde Park, London, England

One Hyde Park, London, England

The UK property is reminiscent of the opulence that features more and more in London. This has to be the most decadent apartment in the world. It is one of over 80 multi million pound properties backed by the Qatari royal family. This particular example also costs $135,000,000.


3. Updown Court, Surrey, England

Updown Court, Surrey, England

Here we have another property in the UK but this time based in Surrey. It is a home that is large as well as beautiful. Set in grounds of over 58 acres and with 103 rooms, it is an awe inspiring piece of real estate. You won’t get any change out of $139,000,000 though.


4. The Manor, Los Angeles

The Manor, Los Angeles

Even the members of the Hollywood elite would struggle to purchase this property. It is a mansion set in grounds of over 4 acres and provides  enough space to park 100 cars. The air of opulence is highlighted by the fact that there is even a dedicated present wrapping room. If you have $150,000,000, you can live the high life.


5. The Pinnacle, Montana, USA

The Pinnacle, Montana, USA

If you like snow-capped mountains in an alpine setting and you happen to be very rich, then a place like this could be yours. Located within a private retreat, the house offers heated flooring, a jacuzzi and massage room. All this for just $155,000,000.


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