Top 10 Reasonable Answers To The Eternal “Why?”

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6. The evolution of the human spirit

The spiritual belief that the soul will undergo numerous transformations before it is finally ready to integrate with the cosmos also works in this case. However, it’s propensity of ending interrogatories increases when the “why” is a request to justify the motives behind an unpleasant experience/action. To put it simply, it’s a great way to help the interlocutor cope.


7. The quantum fluctuations that permit the existence of matter

If you thought that learning the basics of quantum physics is pointless, think again. Boost the complexity level of the question why by taking the train of thought one step further: why do the matter and energy exist? In accordance to the quantum fluctuation hypothesis, the motivation is purely random, because in the absence of arbitrary Sub-Planck oscillations, the world as we know it would cease to exist.


8. The white counterpart of the notorious black holes

The white holes provide an excellent solution to the existentialist question “why” due to the ability of this hypothesis to justify the formation of the known universe. The theory suggests that the duality of the black holes that absorb matter and light consists of the white holes that emanate them. However, the General Relativity theory also states that the white holes should be visible, although none has been discovered by astronomers so far.


9. The collision between the membranes of the Universe

If you really want to awe the interlocutor or at least ensure that the “why” is no longer a valid follow-up question, then the “branes” collision hypothesis is just the thing you need. This is a slightly more intricate variation of the Big Bang theory which states that the universe is essentially formed from sheets – the branes or membranes – floating in the fifth dimension. When two or more branes collide with each other, presto, a new big bang occurs and a new universe comes to life.


10. Multiverse theory and the parallel dimensions

The Multiverse response is best described as an amalgamation of the quantum fluctuation theory and the “this is because it just is” logical fallacy. Essentially, your answer to the “why” is that there is an infinite number of parallel universes and the only reason is that the variables that dictate our position and time have a certain value. If any of these variables would vary, we would be in a completely dissimilar parallel universe.


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