Top 10 Child Friendly Dogs

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6. The Newfoundland


In spite of its relatively large size, the Newfoundland is actually known for its gentle, protective and loving personality. Even though it is a large dog, interestingly enough these are not very fond of “nature” and prefer to spend most of their time indoors, with people. Furthermore, they have been known to save lives in emergency situations. The only trouble you can expect from Newfoundland dogs is related to their excessive drooling and fur shed.


7. The Border Collie

Border Collie

Irrespective of age, anyone who has seen Lassie or the reruns for that matter will automatically fall in love with the Border Collie. Just like in the film, this breed is known for its high intelligence and trainability, so you can certainly rely on it if you are ever in an emergency. And yes, you can train it to bark to alert you whenever your kids are in trouble. The Collie is a great pet to have for families with small children due to their herding capabilities, a feature that could prove very useful overall. The downside of being a proud “Lassie” owner is that it shed a lot and you will need to groom it very often.


8. The Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Since there are high chances you are surprised to see the Bull Terrier in a list of child friendly dogs, we want to clarify that Hollywood motion pictures have been wrongfully branding them as aggressive animals for years. In fact, they were actually bred to become a loving and loyal companion dog. Because of their high energy levels, they are considered most suitable for large families with two or more kids. In addition, they are quite resistant to pain, a feature that makes it a great first-time pet that will surely teach children how to treat a dog properly.


9. The Beagle


Just like the Bull Terrier, the Beagle is a well-framed dog with “childproof” capabilities. Frankly, you couldn’t have guessed that given its overall cuteness, particularly as puppies with big ears and paws and those sad adorable eyes. Not to mention some unusual habits – like howling all of a sudden – which is probably an imprinted memory from the times when they were used as hunting dogs. In addition to being great with kids and families, the Beagle is also known to get along with other pets in your home.


10. The Bull Dog

Bull Dog

Despite the fact that the Bull Dog is not as energetic as the rest of the breeds in this list, they are friendly and loyal companions that are great with kids, adults and other furry or feathery friends you have in your home. Moreover, these dogs are not very pretentious when it comes to the available space and can adjust well to your large home or small condo.

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