Top 10 Unfortunate Fates Of British Monarchs

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6. Henry I

Henry I

Henry I remained in history as one of the first rulers to introduce the idea of almost democratic elections. To be more precise, he managed to raise the wealth of the country by selling charters, which were special privileges to build walls around towns and for the residents to choose their own council. Ironically, even though he showed no interest in living in lavishness, historians suggest that he died from eating too much lampreys contaminated fish.


7. William Rufus

William Rufus

Known for his great cruelty, deceptiveness and greed, William Rufus was one of the most hated British monarchs, particularly by the church from which he collected great amounts of cash. In fact, people hated him so much that they didn’t even bother to investigate the suspicious events that led to his death. Coincidence or not, his favorite nephew was also killed by an arrow three months before the king’s death. Even though he was buried at the Winchester Cathedral according to tradition, the ceremony was very modest.


8. William the Bastard

William the Bastard

While history dubs him as “the Bastard”, people living under William the Conqueror didn’t dare call him that to his face, especially since nobody really wanted his tongue cut out and nailed to the front door of him home. Not to mention that William was always on a rampage in order to ensure the security of the newly conquered lands. Sadly for him, in one of the incursions his horse got scared by fire and threw the old king down; the injury resulted from the accident concluded with his death. Because his body was swelling rapidly during his funerals, it is said that his belly was busted open in order to fit the king in his coffin.


9. King Harold

King Harold

The story of King Harold, the last known Anglo-Saxon ruler has been illustrated in the famous Bayeux Tapestry, a 70 meter masterpiece of embroidery. According to this artistic evidence, the death of King Harold was incredible cruel; when 4 highly trained and skilled knights appointed by his rival finally caught Harold, they preceded to cut his head, disembowel and even dismember him.


10. Aethelbald of Mercia

Aethelbald of Mercia

Although Aethelbald usurped the throne from his father, it is necessary to mention that this was nothing out of the ordinary in the 7th and 8th centuries. In fact, this is one of the few successful monarchs that reigned over 30 tribes recorded in the Southern part of England. Despite his great achievement, he has managed to irritate the clergy by marrying his stepmother. The marriage was immediately annulled, his 15 years old stepmom sent back to France and Aethelbald of Mercia assassinated by his faithful bodyguard soon after.

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