Top 10 Ways To Become More Sociable

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In an era where practically everyone, from the corporate employee to the cashier at the bus station, is tied up to their computers, the term “social” gets a completely new meaning. To be more precise, while the internet provides us with multiple ways to meet and interact with new people, having profiles on most social networks does not automatically make you a sociable person. The truth is that humankind is nowadays lacking that honest, quality, face-to-face interactions.

Perhaps this is why the common phrase “you should go out more often!” has become a motto we all hear on a daily basis. Granted, going for a short walk in the park or having a beer at the local pub could quality as getting out more. However, this action implies more than a physical activity, namely that you should go out more often AND meet new people. Following is a list of tips that could help you become more friendly and social.


1. Make time to chat with people you already know

Chat with people

More often than not, when people see a person they haven’t spoken to for a while they instinctually try to avoid him or pretend they didn’t see him because they fear the conversation will be stilted very soon. However, if your goal is to become more social, then the correct approach would be to go there and catch up with what they have been doing lately. In addition, if a coworker you like has the time then don’t hold back from exchanging a few words when he is not too busy.


2. Don’t hesitate to reach out to people

reach out to people

Mostly because of the fear of rejections, people nowadays are very hesitant to reach out to people they genuinely enjoy, but do expect others to do this for them. Frankly, if you are going to wait around for the right person to come and ask you to be best buddies, then you are clueless about what friendship means.


3. Be yourself

Be yourself

Trying to make friend by posing as something you are not is a sure way to create problems in any type of relationship. Irrespective of how well you thought out your scenario, keep in mind that no lie can remain hidden forever and when the truth comes out, you could lose everything. Besides, faking how you are will only get you closer to people who don’t really share similar interest with you.


4. Smile more

Smile more

Did you know that smiling is the most contagious gesture a person could make? According to studies, smiling when you see another person is enough to activate the muscles in his face and make the same expression. In addition, this warm gesture sends a message to both your brain and his that you are happy and content.


5. Show interest in people

Show interest in people

Without denying that we live in a cruel world where you need to be a little selfish, you cannot be too self-center or egotistical. The idea of friendship is that this is a relationship based on mutual understanding and respecting. In addition, at one point or another you will have to prove yourself as a friend and sacrifice something for the other person’s sake. Furthermore, respect in this case means that you should show an active interest in what others are saying, being a good listener and consulting the other person when the decision concerns you both.


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