Top 10 Ways To Become More Sociable

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6. Don’t see yourself as superior or inferior to other people

Don't see yourself as superior or inferior to other people

People love to see confidence in others, so if you want to make new friends then you should leave your ego or inferiority complex home before you walk out the door. In general, while an excessive ego and constant bragging about your social or economic will annoy people, the lack of self-confidence and self-worth is a surefire way to miss out on a plethora of opportunities.


7. Stop saying “no” to events and parties


Because the best way to meet new people who share your interests and hobbies is by going to various parties and event, perhaps it’s time you stop rejecting this type of invitations. Regardless of whether you are invited to a social cause meeting, a poetry fest or a party hosted by a mutual friend or acquaintance, there is a high chance you will find a lot of people there you will surely enjoy talking to and even become friends.


8. It’s the little things that count

the little things

In the event that you haven’t gone out much lately, finally accepting an invitation to a party could be a stressful experience, especially since you want to do your best and impress. First off, you should relax and stop overthinking the numerous things that could go wrong and the countless – on a side note, improbable – ways you can embarrass yourself. Secondly, you could consider bringing some food or drinks if it’s unexpected of you to do so. Just remember to avoid being TOO nice because you will put people in awkward positions.


9. Become the kind of person people enjoy talking to

people talking

Throughout the day you meet a lot of people, regardless of whether it is the trip to work or shopping at the local supermarket or mall to whom you exchange a few words. However, from the entire bunch people will only tend to remember the ones they had fun to talk to, even if it was a short chat. Therefore, learning how to add humor and wit in the way you talk could make those persons you meet more interested in you because after all, everyone enjoys being around smart and funny people.


10. Don’t be pushy or intrusive


While you could be very excited about your new friends, it is never a good idea to start digging into their personal life. To put it simply, a person who constantly pesters you about your middle name, relationship status, the origins of a certain scar, so on and so forth is perceived as nosy, plain annoying and will be avoided. The correct approach in this case implies leaving your new friend his space and be a good listener if they want to reveal personal information at some points in life.

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