Top 10 Tips to Procrastinate Better

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Procrastination, the act putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time, is something that most of us seem to be good at. Be it the week before the finals examination or even the evening before a presentation, most of us would rather put away task completion and replace it with more often than not, mundane activities that may actually get us nowhere. The very essence of procrastination lies in the fact that you can indulge yourself in a series of activities that are not even remotely pertinent to the task whose deadline you are expected to meet. Whether it’s an essay or a reading assignment that you’re running away from, you could always involve yourself in something entirely unrelated yet enriching.

They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The usual process of procrastination involves being glued to assorted unimportant webpages, social networking, listening to music and randomly staring into space. It’s all too main-stream. How about we use the precious skill that most of us carry of being able to put off a task for ‘some other time’ for some benefit for ourselves? At the end of the day, there is so much we all would love to learn/do, but we do not actually act on those whims. Perhaps, this could be of help to you. Following are 10 ways to help you procrastinate better, something you will not regret trying in the future.


1. Spend time with your loved ones

time with loved ones

We, human beings are called social-animals, and it is so for a reason. We were made to socialize and embrace other human beings and involve ourselves in social domiciles. By shutting ourselves away with our respective laptops and books, we are only going against our very nature. Nobody wants to die alone, and the best thing you could do with your long periods of procrastination is maintaining existing relations and forging new ones.

It is everything in a single package, it satisfies our needs for social affiliation, it satisfies our needs for love and affection it satisfied our desire to be heard and appreciated. Spending time with your loved ones could be the key to unlocking the mysteries that your machine-like lifestyle presents to you. It does not necessarily have to be an outing, per-say it could be just a simple game of poker or a beer at the nearest sports bar. Anything that you like, it will do you more good than any number of hours in front of your computer on a social networking site.


2. Meditation and pursuit of spirituality


We all love to procrastinate and brag about everything that we did whilst procrastinating. Have any of us given much thought to the fact that the need to procrastinate could actually be our body’s cry for help? Perhaps, we are beginning to rust from within and our body and mind are succumbing to the pressure and the need for speed in our highly volatile surroundings.

It is always wonderful to be able to get away from it all and build a personal space for ourselves. Being alone with our thoughts can actually be a good way to rid the body of all the stress that have accumulated in us over a period of time. It could be something as simple as an extra hour at university to something as complex as the fear of aging that could be overpowering our minds and crippling it from within. Meditating improves concentration and it provides the much needed relief that we more often than not, forget to give our mind and body. We are all so involved in leading a perfect urban lifestyle that we ignore the very fundamental problems that are manifested in it. Meditating and relaxing far away from the reaches of urbanization can rejuvenate us and prepare us for whatever is yet to come.


3. Nurture a reading habit


The habit of reading is one of the most severely misunderstood concepts. People always equate reading with a large amount of effort. Contrary to popular belief, reading does not drain you mentally and does not consume too much effort. Surely, it takes time and there is a joy that one finds in turning the pages of a book and being transported to a whole different world.

Reading opens your outlook and it weaves you into a story, when you are a part of the story you experience whatever happens as though it is happening to you. This way, you find it easier to stand in someone else’s shoes. Books don’t necessarily have to be novels. They could either be your favourite sportsman’s autobiography or a political satire or even a cook-book on everything novel in the culinary world. You will know only when you allow yourself to be lost in a book. All of our technological advancement and gadget knowledge and affinity can take the back-seat for a while. Going old school can do much good for our body, mind and perhaps our soul!


4. Photography


You see, capturing moments actually compensate for the innate need of us human beings to store memories. We all want to remember that lovely moment when our best friend announced that she had been admitted to the college of her dreams. Of course, we all resort to clicking pictures of the moment and storing them in our collection of memorabilia. But you see, the problem is, often in moments that we really crave for perfection, there will always be numerous faults with our pictures. In today’s world of high definition and sharp images, we cannot afford to lag behind with badly shot pictures. So, whenever you do find yourself with nothing of interest to you, you could always invest some time into learning how to click pictures the right way.

Slowly, as you find your photography skills being on the road to perfection, you could even invest on a good camera. You see, nowadays, a good camera is a guaranteed mean to get yourself a good name. People always want to be pictured and certainly, the pictures cannot make them look ugly or shoddy. You, with your camera and your acquired photography skills can be their Messiah. The added advantage is that you have a lovely collection of memories for yourself, uncompromised by bad camera angles and too much of flash. Also, since we’re living in an age of social networking, you could always demonstrate your work over the internet and get appreciated for it.


5. Sleeping


All those who procrastinate on a regular basis know, that sleeping is an integral part of procrastinating. We all find ourselves losing sleep over a myriad things, events and people. Procrastination periods are the best time to compensate for some lost sleep and give your brain and body that much needed rest. Even otherwise, sleeping has not killed anyone, in fact after a nice long nap, when you do decide to complete the task that you have been avoiding, you may actually be highly productive at what you do.

Sleep-cycles have not been called ‘beauty sleep’ for no reason. Sleep is truly effective in making you look and feel better. Sleeping helps you relax your senses, calm your nerves and keep all those problems that bother you at bay. You also find yourself dreaming, which is an ideal escapists’ desire. Sleep also translates into better looks, better bodily functions and better concentration when you wake. If not for scientific reasons, you could always grab some extra eye shut just for the sake of the ecstatic comfort it gives you.


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