Top 10 Air Rifles 2013

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Guns- the weapons of mass destruction and yet we are so awestruck by them. For the novice ones, guns are tubular devices which shoot projectiles and other materials. Too technical? In simple words it is that classy device which gives you a sense of superiority and security and just one trigger can lead to a lot. Guns are not only used by the defense forces and police, the elite and common citizens too love taming the trigger and nozzle. Did you know that first identifiable was invented in China in 1000 AD and by 9th century they had gunpowder too. For the rest of the world Asia had this weapon by 12th century and Europe by 13th century. The weapon has undergone massive evolution since then. From large heavy and stationary guns to savvy and smaller than pocket we have all sort of versions today.

Take a look at top 10 air rifles:


1. Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

Description: 10 shot repeater; runs on PCP and CO2

Caliber: 0.22” (5.5mm)

Maximum velocity: 1000 fps

If you are fond of the enviable of European styled rifles than this is the one for you. Except that you don’t have to shred out that much for this model. This is a 10 shot repeater model which uses compressed air or CO2 filled in bulk with different pressure levels (pressure is pre adjusted to 2, 5000 psi). It can be adjusted to work at various speeds and its internal shroud makes it a very QUIET gun. To deliver superior accuracy, it comes with choked barrels and a 2- stage adjustable match trigger which is metal. If you have a thing for PCP guns then this gun is sure to have you hooked to it because of its remarkable accuracy and spectacular trigger.


2. Crosman 357W/ 3576 Airgun revolver

Crosman 357W

Description: 10 shot repeater; revolver mechanism

Caliber: 0.177” (4.5mm)

Max Velocity: 435 fps

This is a 10 shot pellet repeater with a revolver mechanism with single or double action (as per your wish). The gun can fire 10 pallets as fast as you pull the trigger and it resembles Colt Python. It’s powered by a CO2 powerplant and a 6’’ rifled steel barrel. Its combat grips also have finger grooves for added grip. It is a very realistic model and one simple cannot tell the difference between it and the firearm, though this one is lighter. It is a great gun for an all-day shooter as it provides you enough shots before its CO2 runs out.


3. Gamo Big Cat 1200 and 1250

Gamo Big Cat 1200 and 1250

Caliber: 0.177” (4.5mm)

Max velocity: 1250 fps

Description: If you are high on power and some more power than Gamo Big Cat has it all. Any shooter who intends on taking it big in the game is bound to be pleased with its results. For added precision and accuracy it comes with a 4*32 scope and mount. It has a raised cheekpiece on each side which makes it ideal fort left and right hand shooters. Its shock wave absorbers do an amazing job in absorbing recoil. Lead palettes or PBA ammo would be ideal for your hunting goals.


4. Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle

Caliber: 0.177” (4.5mm)

Max velocity: 1500fps

Description: this is what we call Quiet Power and something you won’t find in a spring gun. It comes with a gas barrel and two twin cheekbones and a bull barrel. Apart from a hardwood stock it is already mounted with swing swivel studs. It is also 70% quieter than most of the backbarrels already available in the market. It has added advantages over other air rifles such as smoother cocking and shooting. It has almost negligible spring torque and hence no spring fatigue. It also lasts longer than a metal spring. NP XL includes unmounted centre point optics 3-9*40AO scope and comes with lead free pallets.


5. Umarex Steel CO2 Gun

Umarex Steel CO2 Gun

Caliber: 0.177” (4.5mm)

Max Velocity: 450fps

Description: This is Storm tactical BB and submachine gun. It’s not a single shot but instead a repeater with a 30 rd non removable mag and a 30 rd reservoir! The full/ semi auto repeater is a 6-rd burst mode in full auto. One fill will give you up to 1200 shots. The BB runs on two 12 gram CO2 cartridges. With this you won’t need any machining, just get the bulk fill adapter. It is also easy to unhook in case you wish to revert to 12 gram cartridge. It’s quick detach unit lets you switch back and forth without wasting a second.


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