Top 10 Unknown Things about Usain Bolt

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6. Ate Chicken Nuggets before his win at Beijing Olympic

Chicken Nuggets

In general , all athletes cares and maintains their health before their next match. Every athlete likes to have some healthy meal which is full of protein. But if it comes to Usain Bolt then the best unknown fact is that he won the 100 m men’s final in Olympic 2008 in Beijing and before this world record win he took only chicken nuggets because he was afraid of any other meal in China.


7. Wants to play for Manchester United

Wants to play for Manchester United

It is very apt that Bolt wants to play a charity match for Manchester United . Bolt asked for a trial to Ferguson. He said to the world and wrote that “If Alex Ferguson called me up and said: ‘OK let’s do this, come and have a trial,’ it would be impossible for me to say no. I would not take up the challenge if I didn’t think I was good enough. I am a very accomplished player and know I could make a difference.” Because of this difference the people surprised initially and said that Bolt was joking but Bolt was damn serious for this chance and he has a long time ambition to play for Manchester.


8. His Victory Stance is famous

Victory Stance

The famous “To Di World” pose made by Usain bolt is much famous all over world. He made such pose after winning any match . This ” To Di World” pose is also known as Bolting. This pose made by Bolt appears as leaning backward and pointing the index finger towards the sky with left arm stretched out for the victory and the right arm cocked . This pose was introduced during the Beijing Olympics 2008. Bolt introduced this pose to the world after his win in the 100 m race in Beijing Olympics 2008 after setting the world record of 9.69 sec. This pose also reached the London Olympics 2012 after his win in 100 meter and 200 meter finals. This victory stance of Bolt is now copied by each and every person and also there are a lot of articles and images of this “Bolting ” pose.


9. Earns $20 million


Usain Bolt is the highest paid athlete ie more than 20 million dollar per year in the whole world. These 20 million dollar contributes to his prize money , his appearance fee , his game fee , his bonuses from the government of his country, his endorsements , his deals with the promotion company mainly through puma ( puma shoes) and a small amount also contributes from some other stuffs or resource like his other endorsement deals with Visa, Nissan Motors, Virgin media , Gatorade, Hublot and soul electronics. Initially Puma and Digicel signed a short deal with Bolt after his arrival in Beijing Olympics. He is ranked on 63 position among the world highest paid athletes.


10. His own Headphone Lines

Headphone Lines

Usain Bolt is fully passioned for music. Usain Bolt has now agreed for the team up setting with the company named SOUL electronics which results into the arrival of two new headphones by his name. Apart from the vision of headphone lines , Usain Bolt also owned a restaurant in Jamaica and also he has his own clothing line also. The Director of Soul Electronics feels that this fastest man on the planet is best and the ideal man as the brand ambassador for his company.

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