Top 10 Uses of Internet

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6. Leisure


Leisure is the option that we have next in the list. Yes you heard it right. Right from watching your favourite videos to listening songs, watching movies, playing games, chatting with the loved ones has been possible due to internet. Internet has progressed with so much pace that today whenever you get time, you just move on to the internet and so such activities which helps you to relax. Leisure is one of the most important uses of internet and that has surely one thing that attracts people towards it. Internet is home of some of the excellent resources using which you can freshen up your mood in minutes.


7. Online Booking

Online Booking

Do you remember the time when the only way to book the railway tickets or bus tickets or plane tickets was to visit their centres at the designated location? That time has completely changed and today everything is available at the mouse click. This has been possible only because of the internet. Not only the online booking process is easier as well as less tedious but is also reliable. There is no need to visit the booking counters to book tickets or to contact the agents that might ask for more money in order to process your request. You can do all these things sitting at home, using internet. This is the reason it has been placed at the number seventh place in this list. The booking process has simplified because of the internet and this is the best use of the resources that you have.


8. Job Search

Job Search

Job search is one such thing which required updates from every corner as well the patience from the person searching for it. Using internet, this has become an easier task. Job search has been placed at the number eighth place. There are endless amount of websites on the internet that provided with the news about the vacancy in various companies. You just need to get yourself registered at these website and they will do the rest. They will not only send you the email mentioning job vacancy according to your choice but will also help you to select the best out of them. Job search is easier now, all thanks to internet else it was a nightmare earlier.


9. Blogging


There are many people who are very much interested in writing blogs and for them internet is the best place. They can not only write blogs as per their wish but can also publicize their work so that their work reaches to most of the people and they get appreciated. There is huge number of websites over the internet which allows you to write blogs. You just need to get yourself registered as per their procedure and then start writing. And if your blogs are really good and so many people visit your blog then there is chance that you might get elected to write blogs for big organisations. Blogging has reached to all new level with the help of internet and is one such use which is beneficial to everyone.


10. Shopping


Yes you read it correctly. This very list starts with the point mentioned as shopping at the tenth place. Shopping has now become one of the most pleasing things to do using the internet. Whenever you find time, just visit the concerned websites and order the items that you need from there. Those items will be delivered to you in best possible time. There is huge number of options available for a common people to buy or to sell any particular item using the internet. Using internet now it is possible to buy products from all over the world.

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