Top 10 Best NBA Players 2013

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Shoot-wait-pass-take a layup-rebound-rebound!! Oh yes! And that is a basket. Just the screams from the crowd are enough to make blood gush down anyone’s veins and when we are talking about basketball- there is no limit to anticipation and the adrenaline rich blood. Every move of the guys in jerseys is watched upon with people shouting to pass or shoot. Some cursing while some cheering but as we say it, its all a part of the game. But as any American would know it, it’s not just a game. NBA or National Basketball Association is to America what cricket is to India and what Football is to Brazil and to rest of the world. The fast paced game has been winning hearts of millions of people with more and more people getting involved in the game such as street style and more. The game requires both stamina and speed and yes timing. Hence no wonder people even forget to blink when the game is in progression. The game has given us many stars and the top 10 among them are:


1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

No prize for guessing! The man is a legend and there can be none at par with him. He has played for Chicago Bulls and then Washington Wizards till 2003. The legend needs no introductions and descriptions and is physically and mentally the greatest player ever. He is ubiquitously known in NBA history. He has earned himself nicknames such as “Air Jordan” for his unique ability of performing slam dunks from free throws lines. He also has the reputation of being the best defensive player in his matches. He is also a known face in the endorsement world. In fact he’s noted for fuelling the popularity of Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers. Some of his career accomplishments are-

– Included in basketball hall of fame (obviously)

– A part of NBA championship teams (3 times)

– NBA Finals MVP six times

– Part of an All Rookie Team

In short, there can never be another MJ.


2. Magic Johnson 

Magic Johnson

He is one of the best passers in NBA history along with versatility and skill accompanied with a childish enthusiasm and excitement. During the time he played with Los Angeles Lakers, the team was known to be at its peak. Even though he played as point guard, he knew how to keep everyone involved and manage his team. Some of his career accomplishments include-

– Included in Basketball hall of Fame

– Part of 5 time NBA championship team

– Part of All Rookie team

– NBA MVP thrice


3. Bill Russell

Bill Russell

He is known for his passion for winning and a strong determination for defence. He is also known to be the best team player- a player who brought out the best in everyone around him. He has been a part of Boston Celtics throughout his entire career from 1956 to 1969. He is a twelve time All star and 5 time MVP. During his 13 year long career with Boston Celtics, he has won 11 NBA championships. Some of his career accomplishments are-

– Included in Basketball hall of fame

– Stands 2nd in NBA rebounds history

– Member of NBA championship teams- 11 times

– Part of all defensive team-once


4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

He has been a part of NBA for 20 and yet known more for his durability than longevity. Currently a retired basketball player, he has been NBA’s all time leading scorer. In his career span of 1969 to 1989 he has won 6 NBA championships while playing for Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. In 2012, he was selected a Cultural Ambassador by US. His career accomplishments include;

– Inclusion in Basketball Hall of Fame

– First place in all time points in NBA

– Member of NBA All Rookie team

– Part of 6 time NBA championship team


5. Larry Bird

Larry Bird

He is an American NBA player and a coach and team president. Throughout his entire career he played for Boston Celtics and has also won three NBA Championships. He was also a member of “Dream Team” that won a gold medal at Summer Olympics in 1992. He is known to be a fierce competitor and an equally fierce determination to earn a point on the court. Due to his chronic back problems he retired in 1992 as a player. Some of his career accomplishments include.

– Included in Basketball Hall of Fame

– NBA Rookie of the year

– A member of 3 time NBA championship teams

– NBA MVP – 3 times


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