Top 10 Travel Apps For Tweenies

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The latest travel applications for a globe-trotting teenager with an iPad, Android phone, iPhone, iPod, etc, makes the trip more enjoyable and effortless. From automated travel itineraries to camera optimization, these must have applications guides a young traveler to have the most convenient journey possible. Let’s us look at some of the latest travel Apps for tweenies.


1. Currency Converter Pro

Currency Converter Pro

This is one of the most advisable software applications to have in an iPhone for a teenager travelling around the globe. It claims to be the only currency converter on the market today that supports all the currencies around the world. I don’t need to tell you what it does – the name speaks for itself. With this software, you can check the current currency rates in both virtual and real world. Apart from the world’s currencies, you can also check commodity such as silver, platinum and gold prices if interested.


2. Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

This is a free to download app for Smartphone gadgets, however, you will be paying for each guide you download. Though a bit expensive, the downloaded guides are well detailed and supplies detailed information on the best beaches, bars, restaurants, sights and the likes. Best of all, the downloaded guides offer perfect images of travel destinations of interest, complete with audio phrasebooks in tens of spoken and written languages.


3. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Downloading this software application onto your gadget is quite free; however, you will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi service to be able to use it. This generally defeats the whole purpose of downloading it; nevertheless, this app can be very useful for a young traveler if using it to plan ahead. How, you may ask. Simply search the areas you are planning to visit and then bookmark each spot with free Wi-Fi. After arriving at your destination, visit the free Wi-Fi location for free internet surfing.


4. Travel mate

Travel mate

This is a free for download app for smart phones. This software application is quite easy to use when searching for travel related businesses in places of interest or which you are visiting. If you need a taxi, cheap hotel to stay in, and so forth, you simply type in the location, and the app finds the closest to you. With this app, you can search for bookstores, bars, young people hangouts, entertainment places, museums, and the likes.


5. Viber


A travelling teenager does not have a lot of expense money on her or him. However, she or he will still need to communicate with close people. To avoid incurring roaming charges, the young traveler needs to download Viper, an app that enables users to text and make voice calls over Wi-Fi for free. Best of all, the app does not require registration before its use. However, for this app to work, both participants need to download and install it on their respective gadgets. Though it won’t allow you to make video calls, the app is always on and does not use up battery like other apps in its range if no call is made. The software is available for Adroid, iOS, Windows and the likes platform smart phones. There is a PC version for it.


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