Top 10 Intelligence Boosting Toys Suitable For All Age Groups

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6. Infinifield


Infinifield is a pretty new game for the extra eager and creative mind. The players get to set and create the playing field themselves, coming up with the most winning layout. This is a great game for people partying but looking for additional fun. It encourages imaginative design skills. The game won the 2005 Parent’s Choice Silver Honer Award. The game was created by Infinifield.


7. Snafooz


Created by Mindware Online games, Snafooz is an easy to travel with board game. The simple board is made of foam and the play cubes easily breaks apart for creating and combining different shapes. Ths game encourages players to think creatively. It is a hand on building fun game and can be played by people of all ages.


8. Klutz Books

Klutz Books

The line of activities to opt for when it comes to this game includes sewing, watercolor art, Legos, solitaire and paper airplanes. The accompanying books are great to travel with and normally serve as a great resource for cultivating new interests. The included books come with game materials attached. The games are great intelligence enhancers for people of all age groups, with emphasizes on younger generation.


9. Fluxx


And addictive card game by Loony Labs, Fluxx is fast paced and fun game of craziness with rules being made as you continue playing. The game is has a time limit of thirty minutes. It encourages quick and creative thinking for spontaneous fun.


10. Gamepuzzles


The game is played on a beautiful wooden set and is created by Kadon. It encourages strategic and abilities to solve problems as they come. The game is played with a variety of tiles in different settings. Some games involves color and shapes matching while others inlove spatial visualization skill enhancement. The game titles include Hexnut, Dezign-8, Kite Mosaik and Roundominoes.


When all’s said and done, the above list of intelligence boosting games is not all inclusive, but the mentioned are some of the commonest you will find being played in many different places. The games are focused on brain enhancement process that increases it potential and are made for both the young and old generation. As it is, intelligence boosting should be as natural and fun as it can be. Playing enjoyable brain games not only enhances your intelligence, but it also increases your confidence. This way, you are able to perform at your maximum potential.

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