Top 10 Super Weird Questions you should Never ask on First Date

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Date is something in which two persons come across each other so that they can know how compatible they are for their future relationship. Date plays a very vital role, as it helps both of them to know likes and dislikes of each other. If he or she is planning to go on their first date, they should be very casual like girls should apply a very light make up and wear less accessories so that her spouse should be able to look forward to her actual beauty . Boys should also wear light but trendy clothes. Too much flaunt is not acceptable on the first date. Both should settle in a calm and quite place and seek for their comfort zones. This comfort zone will enhance their personality so that it would be easier to talk and to know more about each other. The most important thing is start questioning each other.

You must think before you ask a question because it could also hurt or sound weird to him or her . Before asking the questions you should come into your comfort level . You should be very clear about the topic on which you are asking your date .Ever body knows that apart from words expressions does matter a-lot, so if you notice that your date is not satisfied or feeling awkward with your questions so you should say that it’s okay if you don’t want to answer to the question. This will show that you are generous and polite with your date. The questions should be general like likes and dislike, hobbies; it should relate with him or hers personal life.

Now I would like to tell some of the questions you should not ask on your first date because they can ruin the mood of your mate. Mood matters a lot, as this will help you to talk easily as well as will groom up your personality a lot.


1. Are you gay or lesbian?

gay or lesbian

If you are asking this to a girl definitely she will through a glass of water on your face and might scream, get lost you moron ! This will be like a tie breaker question and it will break all the ties that will bound a girl or a boy who is tolerating and he will definitely leave that place.

Guys, for those who are planning to go on a date should plan a special thing for your date so that he or she thinks that you are the only guy who is best on this earth for him / her. May be this will help you getting clear about the thing, questions etc., you need or need not to ask on your first date and make it more simple and special.


2. What’s your size?


This is a mind blasting question for both of them. After asking this you might think that you are smart , cool and wise but this will act as a time bomb which might will explode in further conversation and he or she might think that you are desperate , idiot, moron as well as a big loose..


3. Are you a virgin?


NOW again this is a very personal question because nobody will tell you in the first meeting that he or she is virgin or not .this question might act as a bomb blast for you date as well as for you too because he or she might react very harsh on this.


4. What kind of clothes you wear in bed?

clothes bed

O my gosh..! guys before going to one of the top most weird question it’s better to leave that place and call your friend which might advise you not to ask such question to a girl . If you are dumb and crazy enough to ask this question then go on and be ready to eat a full of spices slap on you face or she might abuse you in front of everybody if you are in restraint or may be will leave that place . And will never come up again to see your face. And I am sure this will hurt you for your whole life. So, try and get a little cooler and wiser too.


5. Do you like wild animals?

wild animals

This question is going to be a foolish one for you date because, if this question is asked to a girl may be she will smile and think that you are a big fool on this earth. Everyone knows that girls only like sweet animals like rabbit, cats but not tiger. May be she will think that you need a psychiatrist and you need to learn some dating skills. She might tell you some websites for learning dating skills which would be like a silent slap on you. So before asking such kind of questions it’s better to think ten times.


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