Top 10 Super Weird Questions you should Never ask on First Date

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6. Which part in my body you like the most ?

part in my body

Grow up man, this is something which is prohibited on the first date because he or she will feel shy in front of you and might think that you are desperado. This is a question which is very personal for a girl as well as for a guy too. You might will sound like a dumb in front of him or her . You date might think that he or she is just wasting time with you. Or in a very critical condition will react very badly with you or might leave that place.


7. Am I romantic?


For a guy to ask this question will sound disgusting because the girl you are asking is not your girlfriend. She just came to know more about you and to know more about your likes and dislikes. She doesn’t know you at all .How can she answers to this question. If you really want her answer so you need to wait a little bit and asks this question after having a couple of more dates which are quite romantic. So guys think a little bit before you ask.


8. Do you love your mom and dad?

love your mom and dad

I mean come on man, how can you ask such kind of silly question. Everybody loves him or hers mom and dad . This question may be, reveal your personality that you are a looser and you don’t know what to ask a girl or a boy and the most important thing is that you don’t have the social skills and you don’t have any idea about how to interact with people.


9. Do you watch porn?

watch porn

Another weird question which is applicable for a girl and for a boy as well. This is something which a boy can’t resist and some girls too. But you can resist this question on your first date because this will sound wild and horny for your date (he she). May be he or she thinks that you want him or her in bed. So, this might work as a perfect resistant balm for your date from you. So, beware.


10. Do you feel you are sexy?


This is a question which is very weird for a girl to answer because every girl thinks that she is sexy. Boys should complement a girl that she is sexy rather than to ask her. These questions will not work well for a girl to cooperate with the talk. Today most of the time the girl face such kind of questions during her first date of. So for a good and happy date this question is a big NO.

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