Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

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Cucumber is the fourth most cultivated vegetable in India and belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. It is basically originated in Northern India and need temperate zone for its growth. Cucumber is basically regarded as a healthy food as it is low in calorie, no fat content present and excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Sometimes cucumber is also used as bleaching agents. It has various benefits to provide and among them 10 benefits is listed as follows:


1. Skin care:

Skin care

The presence of several vitamins like A, B and C, high water content and various minerals like potassium, magnesium or silicon makes it a substantial part of skin care. Putting a slice of cucumber on eyes helps in reducing puffiness and swelling under the eyes due to the presence of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid. Cucumber juice is sometimes mixed with facial packs for skin tightening. It is also used to prevent sunburns, windburns or skin irritations. The presence of silicon or sulphur helps in reducing hair loss and simulates hair growth. Various acids present in cucumber helps in lowering down the retention rate of water to some extent. It helps in maintaining our skin glow. It contains cleaners and has diuretic properties that help in skin care. It also helps in preventing breakage and rupture in nails of our hands or toes due to the presence of silica. Also strengthen the tissues present in our nails. It indirectly acts as a moisturizer for our skin and hairs.


2. Rehydrating body:


Cucumber contains 96% of water content in it. It is more nutritious and healthy than the normal drinking water. It helps in keeping our body hydrated during hot summers. It is in one word balances the content of water in our body. It is also used to eradicate and exterminate the toxins present in our body. High water content provides relaxation to body and mind too. Cucumber itself fulfils the requirement of various vitamins that our body require in a single day. It nourishes our body with Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C with some content of magnesium too. It provides cooling effect in the blazing sun. It keeps our body miles and miles away from the problem of dehydration.


3. Cures diabetes and controls blood pressure:

Cures diabetes

Cucumber juice is very rich in magnesium, potassium, silicon and sulphur. The presence of all these minerals greatly helps in regulating blood pressure and maintaining body temperature. This can be used in the treatment of both low blood pressure and high blood pressure. Cucumber juice consists of hormone which is needed for producing insulin by the cells of pancreas which in turn found to be beneficial for diabetic patients. Cucumber also contains a compound called sterols which helps in reducing cholesterol level in the body. It is known to be highly beneficial for the diabetic patients if consumed daily. The presence of manganese mineral makes it highly useful in providing immunity against diabetes and blood pressure problem.


4. Removes joint pain:

joint pain

Joint pain, the term itself gives an idea of the pain that is unbearable. Cucumber as we know is very rich source of silicon. So the presence of high content of silicon helps in removing joint pain and strengthens our connective tissues present at the joints to a large extent. It is an excellent source of various Vitamins like vitamin A, B1, B6 or magnesium and potassium helps in reducing and lowering uric levels in the body especially when mixed with carrot juice. Regular consumption of cucumber juice also helps in dissolving kidney stones or bladder infections. It indirectly helps in the functioning of kidney by eliminating the waste through urination from the body. It also helps in digestion of proteins to some extent. So intake of cucumber helps in reducing and eliminating joint pain and provides relaxation. The presence of folic acid helps in making this as a medicine for gout and rheumatism.


5. Killing of tapeworms:


Cucumber as we know is highly effective in curing many diseases in addition to it, cucumber seeds are also highly effective in expelling and killing the tapeworms present in our intestines. It is anti inflammatory in nature and reduces the swelling in throats and mucous membranes present in nose. Cucumber seeds are generally mixed with water and then consumed to have all these effects. This reduction of intestinal infection helps in maintaining the functioning of kidney properly.


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