Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

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6. Stimulate hair growth:

hair growth

Cucumber contains high content of silicon and sulphur. As we know silicon and sulphur provides high nourishments and nutrients required for hair growth. So indirectly cucumber juice proves to be highly efficient in hair growth and gives our hair a silky touch. If it is mixed along with carrot, spinach or lettuce juice then nothing can beat its effect. Silicon present provides high strength to the connective tissues in the body and simultaneously enriches our hairs. So if you take food containing high content of silica then naturally your hair will grow and bones will become healthier.


7. Beneficial for teeth and gums:

Beneficial for teeth and gums

Cucumber juice proves to be highly beneficial in curing teeth and gum problems. Many people now a day’s suffers from gum diseases due to high intake of chocolates. So cucumber juice is generally used to balance the damage caused by chocolates. It is highly effective in preventing dental diseases and also increases the intake of saliva in the body. It also helps in neutralising acids and bases present in the oral cavity. It is mainly used against pyorrhea. It contains dietary fibre which provides massage to the teeth and gums. So regular intake of cucumber in the form of salad provides high immunity to your teeth against various dental diseases.


8. Hangover cure:

Hangover cure

Cucumber is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. So intake of cucumber slices every day before going to bed and after wake up proves to be highly efficient. It is very easy and fastest way of curing hangover. It contains sugar which replenishes and removes the morning hangover. Presence of various types of vitamin B helps in preventing morning hangover. It is also good to rub the cucumber slice on the roof of our mouth so the phytochemicals present in cucumber helps in killing of bacteria and relieves our mouth from them. It prevents bad breath and provides freshness to our mouth.


9. Fight Cancer:

Fight cancer

Cucumber is the best way to provide immunity to our body against various types of cancer. This is the easy and effective way to keep our body away from cancer. Cucumber is known to contain three types of lignans named as- lariciresinol, pinoresinol and secoisolariciresinol. There lies a strong history behind these three in reducing the risk of different types of cancers. Cucumber is basically used to prevent breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and uterine cancer. Cucumber seeds are also known to behave as anti-inflammatory and help in reducing swelling of mucus membrane and throats. Eating it regularly keeps our body in better healthier condition.


10. Aid digestion and weight loss:

Aid digestion

Cucumber is an ideal diet for those who want to lose their weights due to high water content and low calorie. The high water content and fibres present in cucumber helps in removing and reducing the toxins from the digestive system. If we consume cucumber daily then it act as the best remedy for chronic constipation. Daily consumption of cucumber juice helps in curing various digestive disorders like acidity, gastritis, ulcers and heartburns. It acts as a drug against the problem of constipation. It is highly effective in expelling toxins from the body and smoothly carries various digestive processes. It also helps in lowering down the cholesterol levels due to the presence of widely known compound called sterols. It helps in eliminating waste products present in our body through urination. It is highly nutritious for those who people who want to lose their weight as it has no fat content in it.

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