Top 10 Video Production Secrets

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Video and film producing is among the professions that requires a lot of specialized equipments. However, this does not mean that you must necessarily have a huge budget in order to produce high quality video productions. It is practically possible to produce the best videos using any of the available video production equipments, cheap or expensive. These are the effective and creative video productions that instantly drive action when watched by the targeted group of viewers.

Video production is more of a science than is an art. This being the case, whether you are shooting a quick interview video production using your Smartphone, learning how to produce a viral video for a marketing campaign, honing your animation skills, trying your hand at fancy PowerPoint presentation creation, and so forth, here are some video production secrets that can help you produce a winning final product for your marketing promotion.


1. Start by considering the potential consumer’s main point when making a video

Before you even get started on your video production, there is a need to think on how your services or products can help solve the problems your potential customers may be experiencing at the time. It doesn’t matter how small or huge these problems may be, the video being produced should be able to demonstrate some problem solving characteristics that are of benefit to the customers, old, prospective or new. Simply put, start your video with a good story that relates to your customers problems. As these are the current problems your customers are struggling with, you can be assured that at least they will make a point of watching your video. This way, the product or service you are trying to promote will easily get noticed and thereafter, you being able to make a sale while at it.


2. In a simple way, present a viable solution to a problem

After engaging your viewers with a captivating story, smoothly but in a simple comprehendible way present a viable solution to their problems. The provided solution should be simple enough as to help them to easily understand the results your service or product has to offer. In simple terms, don’t try to paint your product or service as something it is not, rather let it be an answer to a problem your viewers may be experiencing.


3. A good video clearly demonstrates the available solution(s)

By giving your viewers a visual tour on how your services or products can help solve their issues, you will be able to completely catch their attention and thereafter, being able to make a sale while at it. You may want to use some well made product photos and screenshots to make the whole video production even more captivating. Better still, why not show a real person actually using the product or service on offer in solving a particular nagging problem that he or she may be having? This is a good way of creating an attention catching and thus winning video for whichever your purpose.


4. A professionally made or good video smoothly presents a call to action

Never assume that your viewers actually know what you want to do – tell them. For example, if you want your viewers to register for a customized online demo, sign up for your mailing list, call your sales line, and so forth, then incorporate that message into your video.


5. A professional video is kept sweet, straight to the message and really brief

The average man’s attention span is really short and if you do not want your viewers straying from the video even before you have presented what is on the offer, then make it sweet, short and straight to the message. According to a renowned video production specialist in the country, approximately 19% viewers abandon watching a video after a bare 10 seconds, 44% after 60 seconds. This simply means…


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