Top 10 Countries With A Low Retirement Age

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The variations when it comes to the average retirement age in the world countries is normally attributed to things such as institutional differences affecting different individual’s incentive to retire. Because different workers in differing countries retire naturally at varying ages, the occupations composition within any particular economy matters a lot when it comes to setting the average retirement age. Research suggests that the difference in occupations worldwide can help to explain up to thirty nine percent cross country retirement age variations at any one given time. In this regard, listed below are some of the countries around the globe with the lowest retirement ages.


1. At 45 years: Turkey


Apparently, turkey is the country that carries the unfortunate tag of having the lowest retirement age anywhere in the world. A few years ago, it used to be 60 years, but now due to its recent economic woes, this age has been slashed to 45 years. However, any Turkish worker must have worked for twenty five years in order to qualify for full retirement pension. Upon reaching the age of 45 years, any Turkish worker can retire if he or she wishes and still receive a full pension from the employer. This early retirement age however is threatening to bankrupt the country as more and more people attain this official retirement age.

As of December 2012, the social security alone was consuming four percent of the national grass national product. According to OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), this figure is expected to increase to around 6% by the year 2045 if no charges occur in between. Turkey retirement age is expected to rise to 65 years of age by the year 2046 for men and 2048 for women. This way, pension accumulations will be slow down making things a little more manageable.


2. At 57 years: Greece


Greece is another country with a very low retirement age. Workers here retire at 57 years of age if they wish and receive a full pension. The retirement age used to be 55 years in 1959 but was increased by two year to stand at the current 57 years. Greece is planning to ban early retirements so as to effectively manage its social security responsibilities and at the same time ease pressure on its budget deficit. The retirement age is expected to be increased from its current mark to 63 by the year 2015.


3. At 58 years: Bolivia


Bolivia workers used to retire at the age of 65 for men and 60 for women. However, the retirement age has been decreased to age 58, meaning that workers now are full eligible for full pension at that age. The country has lowered the retirement age and at the same time nationalizing it pension funds. The country’s decision to lower its workers retirement age counters the current global trend of rising the retirement age as life expectancies continues to rise while birth rates goes on dropping. This has the effect of straining the national treasures that are used to sustain any countries pension obligations.


4. At 59 years: Italy


Workers in Italy can retire upon reaching the age of 59 years, meaning it is another country with a very low retirement age. What is unique with this is that retirement age in Italy keeps on changing. Foe example, it decreased from 60 years in 1979 to a low of 55 years in the 1980s and 1990s. This retirement age then was increased to 59 years as it is today. Under the current laws, Italy retirement age is expected to increase to 65 years by the year 2030.


5. At 60 years: Korea, Luxembourg and Hungary


At 60 years mark, we have Korea, Luxembourg and Hungary. Like elsewhere, women retire earlier than the men in these countries.


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