Top 10 Little Facts About Luck

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As they say, historically powerful and renowned personalities such as Napoleon used to inquire about the officer’s names submitted for field rank promotion. “Is he lucky?” he would ask. Only after this little research in regard to their names would he then promote or just pass them for the next one on the line. In today’s world, it is a good thing to “be lucky” in your undertakings, health, investment, friends and even acquaintances. Here are some proven little facts about luck and what its entails.


1. Luck is a beneficial but quite an unpredictable phenomenon

Luck can basically be defined as a naturally unpredictable but rather beneficial phenomenon. Yes, there are a few of us that are simply born lucky. If you are among this group of fortunate people, then you are always winning lottery tickets in the streets, finding twenty dollar bills in cab seats, getting the last marble rye from that bakery around the corner, managing to get the best of everything and seemingly with little effort on your part and so forth. However, these things happen quite unpredictably but are quite beneficial in your life.


2. People cannot make themselves lucky

One could argue that individuals who go through the street earned the lottery ticket, but what about all those other people like you who walked by it? Or is it that you didn’t get lucky? Most of the times, individuals who don’t have that kind of luck grow really angry when they hear of a person who was just walking along the street, bought a lottery ticket and then won big, and for a good reason. Why not them? They become envious and then later on realize that there is really nothing they could do to become like to the lucky person.


3. Luck is not about fairness

The lucky person did not earn what he or she got, it’s something that is simply beyond them. As it is, winning a lottery ticket that was also paid for by other people can’t be regarded as fair. But again, life is never fair. Luck is also the same way, meaning it isn’t about fairness.


4. We can improve our luck

Being born with curly hair and blue eyes is not luck, it is either you naturally have these beauty aspects or you don’t. However, you can improve your looks significantly one way or another. Luck is like that. Nobody makes him or herself lucky, but chances of being fortunate can greatly be improved. You can improve your chances of being lucky by favorably recognizing them as they come. What this means is that you have to be at the right place at the right time to be lucky.


5. Luck is the effect of chance on our lives

Basically, luck is the effect of opportunity in our lives and this simply can’t be denied or refuted by anyone! To improve your luck, make yourself ready for life opportunities as they come. So as to attract luck, you must expose yourself to it. Recognize that the beneficial effects of change in our lives come about through the other people. After birth, the vast realm of the remaining luck is equally ruled by ourselves and the live chances that come our way.


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