Top 10 Countries With Most Days Off

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6. Greece: 37 full paid time off day


Workers in Greece get 25 vacation and 12 public holiday fully paid time off days. This means that workers here get plenty of vacation time to enjoy their country’s beauty. However, there are many labor issues in Greece, for instance, you may work for many hours and end up being paid nothing. To counter this, it is best to ask the employer to pay you on a weekly or daily basis. This way, you won’t end up losing a whole month’s pay.


7. Austria: 38 days full paid off time


Workers here get 25 vacation and 13 public holiday time off days making a total of 38 total paid time off days. Further to the many off duty days, employees here enjoy very generous and guaranteed bonuses in addition to their normal salaries. In addition to the normal vacation pay, workers here get a 13th month salary and a 14th month Christmas salary, each pay amounting to a full months salary. Best of all, these bonuses are subject to lower taxations.


8. France: 40 days off time fully paid


Here, workers enjoy a 40 days fully paid time off duty. This is a dream come true to any foreign worker who finds employment in France. Yes, imagine having two months of full paid vacation time every year! Apart from the many days of fully paid vacation time, the French have excellent recourse option if they think they have been fired unjustly. For example, if you have worked for more two years in a company that has more than 11 workers, if you are unfairly dismissed by your employer, then a judge may either force the company to re-employ you with full benefits or ordered to pay at least six months salary in compensation.


9. Russia: 40 full paid time off days


In Russia, employees get 28 vacation and 12 public holiday days making a total of 40 full paid time off days. However, as Russia is only a few years free of communism, everyone here is still finding the way through the free market way of doing things. This means that sometimes salaries get delayed for durations of up to 6-7 weeks. The employers are trying very hard to catch up with their western world counterparts and therefore become more reliable in the way they do things.


10. Brazil: 41 days full paid time off


There is no better country around the world to get a two month fully paid vacation time than Brazil. The government even forces people to take at least a full month off duty every year. The total allowable full paid off duty time in Brazil is 41 days per year.

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