Top 10 Must Read Web Comics

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The first thing I rush to see when I open my newspaper is…the comics! You have to admit, there is a certain joy that we get when we read those Archie’s comics or read about Calvin and Hobbes’ latest adventures. One of the latest things that has gripped the youth of today is: Web comics. That’s right. Instead of waiting for the newspaper every day, you now have web comics updated at least once every week, making you laugh your head off at them. With topics ranging from love, friendship to even theoretical physics, these web comics are often being shared on Facebook, reblogged on Tumblr, and eventually spreading happiness wherever they go.

However, when you read your comic strips, you always tend to have favourites, don’t you? Well, ListDose has its favourites too! So, for when you’re bored at home or office, or when you just feel like having a great time, here are some of the world wide web’s funniest web comics at your disposal! Take a look at these laugh riots and be prepared to deal with these funny bone ticklers:


1. Cyanide and Happiness:

Cyanide and Happiness

This is a webcomic that has generated a lot of interest due to its controversial nature. The characters in the comics have punch lines that literally make you go ‘Whoa. I did NOT see that coming’. Written and illustrated by Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick, the comics regularly make jokes on topics including abortion, suicide and AIDS. There aren’t too many lines that the authors won’t cross, but it’s hard to be offended when you’re laughing so hard! A little fun fact is that the characters of this comic once appeared in an advertisement for Orange Mobile!


2. The Oatmeal:

The Oatmeal

Featuring some really hilarious work by Matthew Inman, this website gives us different comic narratives on whatever topic the author deems fit, each of them so thoroughly engrossing that you’re blown away with Matthew’s sheer awesomeness! Watch out for the particularly long rants about Tesla; not only are those fun, but the obsession also led to a hiccup in the author’s career thanks to a certain Tesla museum fundraiser and a legal battle that resulted in a $220,000 donation to the National Wildlife Foundation and American Cancer Society.


3. xkcd:


Describing itself as a ‘webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language’, this website has increasingly become one of the most popular websites today. Featuring stick figures; most of whom seem to be sarcastic geniuses; this is a favourite among all the math and science enthusiasts out there. I’m sure many of you might have seen a few of these comics floating about Facebook, so have fun and check out their website to see all their work!


4. The Vigil Idiot:

The Vigil Idiot

A must read for all those Bollywood anti-fans out there! Ever thought a Bollywood movie was too tacky? That the plot was totally unbelievable, or you found yourself laughing out loud at some totally cheesy song? Then this is the website for you. The author and illustrator, Sahil Rizwan, has you in peals of laughter as he makes comic strips devoted to numerous Bollywood movies. His penchant for Bollywood mockery is unbelievable, and will definitely leave you in tears (of laughter!)


5. Sebastien Millon:

Sebastien Millon

Now this isn’t exactly a web comic, but a series of art illustrations by artist Sebastien Million that makes you grin and spend hours looking through his website. Filled with cute little ducklings and owls and whatnot, the work of this artist is a real treat!


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