Top 10 Steve Jobs Unheard Facts

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Who cares about the sales of Apple products, or about the business stats of Apple? It is very usual and boring to know, isn’t? The only thing that hooks the attention is how Steve Jobs became the greatest artist that ever lived. People like him are hard to find and born once in time, found 1 in millions as they make things differently and stand out as the best for their works. Yes I am talking about the inventor of “Apple-Think different” Steve jobs.

Steve Jobs is known as one of the best American entrepreneur as well as an inventor. He is the man who pioneered in technology and changed the world of technology with his creative and innovative ideas. He is popularly known as the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of Apple Corporation. He was born on 24th February 1955 and died on 5th October 2011. He was the man who entirely transformed the technical industry. He succeeded in transforming the use of computers from desktops to smart phones and tablets. Here are the Top 10 Steve Jobs Unheard Facts


1. Steve Job’s childhood:

He was an adopted child and his parents named him as ‘Steven Paul Jobs’. At a very early childhood age, he was much into electronics and he made a hobby of working with the electronic gadgets. He did not leave his class mates with his mad and strange acts he scared them as well and his class mates were afraid of Steve. The reason was, during the school days Steve had weird nature, he simply used to leave snakes and bombs in classrooms and was just an icon of fear. Yet, he was always known for his intelligence, innovation and impressiveness. After 26 years of his birth, he discovered that his birth parents were Abdul Fattah John Jandali and Joanne Simpson. Though he lived with his real father he never noticed until he found his sister.


2. Zen Buddhist and Travel to India:

The strange fact about Steve Jobs was he was a Zen Buddhist. Steve had strong faith in the teachings of his guru, Kobin Chino, a Zen monk. He stated in many of his interviews that he feels very relieved while sitting with Zen group. Buddhism is all about non-attachment, pain of the life and the devotion; it is very hard to believe that one of the richest man in the world is a Buddhist. He even traveled to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. When he went back home he was in Indian attire which shell shocked the people out there.


3. Steve Jobs’ signature was inside every original Macintosh:

Some stories say that when he the entire Macintosh was complete, there was a big successful party at Steve job’s place. He took the signatures of his team members on a piece of paper who worked day and night on the machine. Interestingly this piece of paper became the model for a metal plate that would be inserted inside every Macintosh computer. This was something different and strange to sign inside a computer that was really user serviceable.

When asked why all this? For Jobs, the original Mac machine was not just a computer; it was something more than that a noble piece of art. It was the one and only mainstream computer that had a graphical user interface, and the team who worked on this had high knowledge of artistic and technical qualities. It is known fact that all great artists sign their work at the end, Jobs thought, that the Mac team deserves and has all rights to do it so all of them signed on the piece of art computer which they made.


4. Dyslexic and Psychedelic:

Just like Albert Einstein and many other great people Steve Jobs was uncommon among people as he suffered from dyslexia. That is he was unable to read, write and understand the words easily. He was also a psychedelic man. Jobs started using a LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) drug from his very young age. He proudly stated that it as one of the most important thing he had done in his life. He believed that his inner intelligence combined with this LSD brought him out of normal though and simple frame of reference that later developed into a unique way of thinking. May be that is how he came up with “Think different”


5. Number 1 in everything:

He is the best example for being first in inventing any new products. He pioneered in technology.

He launched a new product time to time and it was always the first brand in a new category.

Pixar’s toy Story: The first feature-length animated movie done entirely on computers.

Apple’s iPod: The first hard-drive music player.

Apple’s iPhone: The first touch screen smart phone.

Apple’s iPad: The first tablet computer.

Long back in the year 1998 Apple’s keynote while Steve introducing the i Mac he showed a slide of what the “i” stood for and it had multiple abbevations and yet it was interlated and had a depth meaning in it so “i” was known as internet individual, instruct, inform and inspire


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