Top 10 Ideas for Grand Birthday Celebration

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Out of the 365 days of a year, a day that completely outstands other days is Birthday. The day carries lots of memories along and is thus eagerly awaited. This is probably the only day for which planning starts weeks ago. Everybody desires to have a beautiful birthday and thus try their level best to avoid any sort of problem. But the main hiccup lies with the fact of planning for how to have a grand birthday celebration. Most commonly raised question of where to go?? How to celebrate?? What to wear?? Whom to choose between family and friends?? All these together give a headache and so to put an end to your problem here are 10 ways to have a perfect grand birthday celebration.


1. Spending it with grand parents

Spending it with grandparents

Our elders are the best gift that God gave us. They save us from our parents anger and scold us when we do something wrong. They fulfill our wishes when our parents say no and go against our parent’s decision just to see a smile on our face. Our grandparents are pillars of our life and guide us through our journey of life. We get so busy in our life some times that we forget them and give importance to some irrelevant things. A birthday celebration with our grandparents is the best way to cherish the day that we took we opened our eyes for the first time and took our first breath.


2. Educating a poor child

Educating a poor child

Our parents since our childhood have been explaining us about importance of education and relevance that it holds in development of any being. Though we have complete access to education but it is extremely important to realize the essence of it. Education is not just about memorizing some definitions but instead it is to spread the knowledge to everyone. It is about helping people when they need it and most importantly it is about making difference in somebody’s life by helping them fight their difficulties and fight the world. There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than to commit a special act of goodness. And most special act of goodness is enlightening somebody’s world with a candle of education.


3. Havan


According to Indian mythology any work is incomplete without the blessing of our god. When difficulties start to line up and going becomes hard they give us strength to face the worst and encourage us to go on with our lives irrespective of the ups and downs that are waiting for us. Havan is one of the most pure forms of worshipping God and doing it on an occasion like birthday is like a good luck charm. Remembering the Lord who has blessed us with everything that one desires a perfect birthday start is with Havan.


4. Plant a Tree

Plant a tree

Nature has given us immensely. It has been our guiding source for a long time. But we have failed to do anything worthy for our mother nature. And now when our nature is on the brink of major mishap it is inevitable for us to accept our fault and reduce the problems we have posed in front of our nature. Only if every one of us to do our bit, we can help our nature. A way in which we can contribute to reduce the problem is by planting tree. This is not much and can be easily done. Even if everyone plants one tree we reduce the pain that mother earth goes through. A birthday is not complete until a good deed is done. By planting tree we can contribute our bit.


5. Visit an orphanage

Visit an orphanage

Why not spread happiness in everybody’s life and make birthday’s memorable by bringing smile on faces of people which stays gloomy for most of the time. People residing in orphanages hardly feel belongingness feeling and with you taking your time out on your important day will not just make them feel happy but will also give you satisfaction of doing something wonderful. It is easy enough to say you are thankful; it is far better to show it by doing a kind deed, something that you did not do yesterday.


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