Top 10 Ideas for Grand Birthday Celebration

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6. House party

House party

We have always learned that more we spread our happiness the more we enjoy it. And so a good way to enjoy Birthday is to have a house party and spend your time with all your relatives and that’s when you get a real sense of family. Life seems very gloomy without relatives, they are that part of our life that stand by us and bring a smile on our face when going becomes tough. Our cousins stand up to protect us and with them everything appears just perfect. Thus a grand birthday celebration would be incomplete without them being around.


7. Visit a holy place

Visit a holy place

The almighty that created us had special plans for us in his mind. He gave us perfect siblings to live with, some great friends, and above all wonderful parents who love us even after all the mess that we make. It is easy enough to say you are thankful; it is far better to show it by doing a kind deed, something that you did not do yesterday. And thus a perfect way to celebrate birthday is to go to a holy place and thank the Lord for everything that he has done since birthday is a perfect time for regeneration spiritually.


8. Visiting old age home

Visiting old age home

Moving with time people today have forgotten the importance that elders hold in our life. Trying to move ahead with time the family bonds have reduced to ashes. Every day we hear about people leaving their parents in old age homes because they consider them a hindrance in their life. Living a life of disappointment and rejection these people never get to see their children. A birthday celebration with them is probably a perfect way to spend the day which is so important to us. Living life of disappointment and rejection they live a gloomy life but for once they can have a smile on their face if we can spend our time with them.


9. Donating your stuff

Donating your stuff

By the grace of almighty we have enough with us that we never crave for anything. Our parents fulfill our desires as soon as we say it. We are fortunate enough that we can go out for parties, hang out with our friends, have a leisure time but not everyone has all these things. Unfortunately there are people who do not have everything on their command. There are people who have to empty stomach to bed and have to bear the nature’s scorching heat and brutal cold. They are exposed to lot of pain but that doesn’t mean that we can do nothing to reduce their misery that they go through and the best way to help them out is giving them our old stuff which are not that relevant to us. We have heaps of clothes, books and footwear which we can easily give to them and there is no better occasion than a birthday as it is a time to celebrate birth itself, the joy of life.


10. Going out with friends

Going out with friends

Life holds no value without friends. They are not just our partner in crimes but are also our soul mates. In their presence we are not just at our outmost comfort level but also enjoy our life to the fullest. Laughing like maniacs to crying our hearts out to confiding in them with our deepest secrets to doing all bizarre stuff, everything is incomplete without them. They fight the world for us and support us during our hard times. A friend does everything in their power to make us feel the most important person on this earth; the least we can do is celebrate the special day of our life with these special people.

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