Top 10 Jobs in the World

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Everyone has to work to earn a living. Everyone dreams of the ideal job. Some people dream of a very highly paid job. Some dream of a job where they can have fun too. Most people want a balance of money and fun. Other people seek danger and excitement. For some it is the search for a job which will show up their special talents, for example, a singing job for a singer or a writing job for a person with a passion for writing.


1. The President of the United States

No job in the world can match the power, the benefits, the glory and the charisma attached to that of being the President of the most powerful nation in the World. It is like being Julius Caesar in modern times. The names of the houses also evoke a Roman image with the Senate and the House of Representatives. Imagine having Air Force One for your trips around the world and Camp David for your partying. How about the White House for welcoming your friends? Imagine daring to make a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen of the White House all by yourself as the President. It would make headlines.


2. Movie Director

This job would fulfill all the desires to meet film stars on a one on one basis. The single act of saying ‘Cut’ to a scene being enacted by Robert De Niro would make most people’s day. Imagine the travelling to fancy locales for outdoor shots. It would be nice to have a chair marked Director and a fancy Caravan trailer for taking a nap. Think of telling Angelina Jolie how to kiss the hero. Think of all the fans.


3. Hangman

This job is best suited to people seeking to meet out divine justice on Earth. It is a very professional job requiring the selection of a good rope according to the weight of the person to be strung. It is a morbid thought but someone has to do the dirty work of ridding the Hannibal Lecters of the world. The job does not require much work. It is like being on standby forever.


4. Airline Pilot

People say it is a dangerous job. Life has become dangerous anyway. One can be mugged, be the victim of a hit and run just by standing peacefully on the roadside. So why not go and take the risk in a job that pays well, approximately 15000 dollars a month?  Pilots get to stay at the best hotels in the world, limousines to and fro from the hotel to the airport. A pilot gets to wear smart uniforms and pretty colleagues to serve coffee. What else does a man need?


5. Bathysphere Operator

If you are the anti social type and hate meeting people and like to spend your time listening to music and staring at the wall, this is the job for you. Bathus is Greek for Deep and sphere is of course a round ball like object which is the shape of this submarine metal ball with glass windows and connected to the surface by a cable for oxygen. So they drop you down and you look at all the fish and record things and operate robot arms to salvage sunken treasure while you listen to your iPod and no one can call you or ask you out for a nerve wracking cup of coffee at a jam packed cafeteria. This is cool man. All alone at the bottom of the sea. So apply quickly.


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