Top 10 Things Parents Want From Their Children

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Our parents are our guardians. They are the one who understand us and care about us. They are supportive and always there for us in difficult phase of life. Sometimes they are extra caring, sometimes overprotective. And many of us face a question in mind that what exactly our parents want from us? Do they want us to be kids or adults? The answer to this is that they care for us but also they want to make us responsible. Parenthood and childhood are both complicated and delicate relations to handle. Hence, from overall analysis of mine I will tell you the top ten things that our parents want from us. So go ahead read them.


1. To be Happy always

Happy always

Now this one lies on the top of my list! Not because I think, but this point is specially consulted to be number one by my mom! And yeah, its truth what she said, whether we fail or succeed in life, be bad or good on our achievements or career, our parents always remember and always want us to be happy forever. They always want that we should choose and get what we like. It can be proved right from our childhood where our parents work hard to give us all amenities and whatever we want by sacrificing their own needs and still they maybe sacrificing for you, but these things are never expressed to us, they don’t want us to get upset hearing all this. Hence, their little child’s happiness is what all matters to them at last…


2. Capable to make your own identity

make your own identity

All parentsstrive hard to make their child as best as they can, because they know that further the life is more though. Hence, they pay attention to their children’s full growth and development. They see that their child gets capable enough to survive on his own even if he may be facing failures in his educational fields. They want us to be strong enough to stand on our own feet without help of them. And hence even we should try to enhance our other qualities seriously if we are not that excellent in studies. This can make you understand your final aim that is to be achieved and the field in which your career would be worthy.


3. To take up responsibilities

take up responsibilities

All parent say to their children’s that you are small sometimes they say you are big. The problem here is that they themselves can’t understand your potentials until you prove it to them, but not everything that we think is appropriate and can be done; we have to always inform our parents about what are we going to do. And your parents would love if you start realizing your own duties and take up responsibilities. Now that doesn’t mean you have to start searching a job and get money or anything, you can do that later after your career but now on this stage you can start up with helping your mom and dad in small things like bringing groceries for mom doing some simple typing or office work or any other outdoor work for father, it may include paying the bills, etc. This will surely be appreciated by your parents if you do it correctly and share some of their responsibilities in true sense.


4. To be Successful

be successful

All the people in this world want to be successful. We are taught by our parents right from our childhood that “Life is a rat race”, and if we survive in it then we are successful otherwise we won’t be capable enough to handle and take care of ourselves. And every parent wants their child to be successful in life this will make them proud and you capable by your own efforts. And our parents prepare us and totally help us to get successful. So never forget that they are the one behind your great achievements.


5. To be their Friends

be their friends

We children’s are not only the one who wish that our parents should be our friends, but parents themselves feel that we should behave with them as a friend, speak with them , share problems, joke, laugh and spend time with them, this is all what they wish. Sometimes there are some parents who don’t behave with their children’s in friendly way but we are the one who should try making them open up to us. And you will get some extraordinary results from that.


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