Top 10 Uses of Internet

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6. Online bill payments

online bill payment

Many of us still don’t believe on online method of transactions that are carried out daily. We feel unsafe while doing this work, which is totally secured. You have to just remember that you are transferred to the 3D secured site of your own bank. Still in many countries people follow the traditional method of paying off their different bills like electricity, telephone, digital T.V connection, etc. This takes our lot of time and energy too, plus you can’t guarantee of the service they would give to you there. Hence, it’s easy and within seconds you can pay your bills through internet, so why not use it?


7. Online shopping

online shopping

Shopping is a trend today. We shop many things always; in fact we go for shopping on every weekend. It is fun to shop but this may waste our money unnecessarily, hence shop online there are many sites which provide you many discounts even up to 50% on your favorite brands and that too original ones, you can shop or gift someone whatever you want like books, clothes, foot wares, bags, watches, laptops , electronic devices and much more. Some sites even offer options like cash on delivery, free home delivery which makes the content very affordable. Not only this, you may read reviews, watch the associated videos of product, and can get free surprise gifts with it. Isn’t that amazing? So shop online from now onwards…


8. Software download

software download

You can say today’s age is totally depended on applications of mobile phone, a total “Software Age”. And every application like different games, on line T.V application, the very famous Whtsapp, We Chat, E-buddy, etc chatting apps run only and only on internet, by which we save lot of money wasted on SMS packs by companies and also of calling,and communicating with everyone by voice messages, etc. Not only such software’s also you can download some working software’s like windows 8, Microsoft updating, your antivirus updates, etc. Hence, you can say internet is much useful then we think.


9. Movies download

movies download

This 21st century is a revolutionary time for all film makers around the world. Today’s teenagers don’t leave a single movie without watching. Not only has this but they even wanted some awesome movies to be always there in their collection of CD’s. I am not blaming them because even I stand in that list of people who love movies. And believe me I always download some awesome of them from the internet because even if you download by buying original one’s from the site they are affordable than the CD. So why waste money just find out some good sites and you are on your way to download your choice movies and make your own CD by it for the collection, or data collection whatever you like.


10. Music download

music download

We all love music. Music expresses our feelings and also lightens us up. We like the songs that we can relate to and because of such ever increasing demand of songs, many albums go hit every week and we want them all in our I-pod, laptop or mobile phone to listen them. Now no one will buy every album’s CD, if they want only one song from it and go to the store, see if available and then buy it. World is getting faster now, hence downloading music is trend now, there are many sites who provide free songs download but if you want quality music you can buy with click on sites such as “Apple I tunes”, “”, and many more. Also you can stream songs on these sites that is video, audio any and then download them. Hence if you want your favorite songs any video or audio, all are away by one click by internet, just find out which format you want and you are ready to download and share it with anyone you want.


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