Top 10 Reasons Why Being Single Isn’t That Bad

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6. No clingy, possessive, jealous partner hounding you.

jealous partner

You can now hang out with your girl or guy friends without frantic calls from your jealous, suspicious partner enquiring who you’re with. Gone are the days when you see 20 missed calls and dread a long and painful confrontation with your irate partner, after spending the day away from your phone. You can now take the time, a day, a week, shun technology should you prefer. Go off on your own, meditate, hike along a nature trail. You can afford to be reclusive without seeming antisocial and spend quality time to reflect. Just you and your thoughts.


7. Uncluttered head space.

uncluttered head space

Being in a relationship is like doing a degree course on your partner. You memorize their likes and dislikes, including her favourite ice cream or what toppings he prefers on his pizza, her first childhood pet Fluffy or his favourite great aunt Rita. Endless other trivial information that becomes redundant in the event of a break up. As a single person your mind is free of the infinite insignificant details, be it anniversary dates, or your partner’s dental appointments and instead, is open to explore the depths of your own subconscious. Introspect and discover hitherto unforeseen realities about yourself.


8. Meet new people.

meet new people

You can now engage the tall dark handsome persona you meet and keep your options open, instead of reminding yourself of your commitment to your partner and walking away. Being unattached brings you the freedom of having a varied social life without the constraints of a relationship. Often after a spell of bad relationships this is the very way you may end up shedding your inhibitions and opening up to possibilities of a new friendship or romance.


9. There ain’t no one who’s gonna put you down.


Relationships can be taxing especially during fights, disagreements or arguments. This is intensified tenfold should you happen to have a partner who is mentally and emotionally or even physically abusive. Afterall, being single is better than being lied to, cheated on and disrespected. Being by yourself, your mood never has to depend on how someone else is feeling or the effect someone else has on you. You are responsible for just your own happiness. So go ahead and sing along,

‘Then there ain’t no one who’s gonna put you down’ -‘Off the Wall’ by MJ.


10. Me, myself and my life.


No more hesitation next time you are offered a great job that has you move halfway across the country. For you have just your own career to think about. As opposed to making joint plans for two. Your future plans and ambitions aren’t tied to your partners’. You are independent socially and financially. So whether it’s you bringing home a pet from the pound or deciding to take a long soul searching trip abroad ‘Eat Pray Love’ style, you only have its implications on your own life to ponder upon.

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