Top 10 Movies That Were Inspired by True Incidents

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Movies right from their birth have been the most common and convenient means of entertainment to man, rich or poor. Over the years they have proved to be the favorite way of relaxing one’s mind and body. The movies have also inspired a lot of people to a great extent. Some movies are made so real that leave us moved and sometime we feel convinced to try to imitate the scenarios in our real life as well. Their examples are well jotted and listed down in this article further.


1. Pearl Harbor: Rafe and Danny’s unmatchable fight-back

Pearl Harbor

Michael Bay’s action movies have always had a taste of heroics and stunts that happens only in imagination. Here in this movie the two young pilots wake up in the morning on December 6 and find Japanese air crafts bombing on the harbor. They get into their planes and take off quickly and shoot down the Japanese air crafts.

Now, this kind of heroics is unbelievable unless it is George Welch and Kenneth Taylor. In fact, the scene in the movie is the replica of the one that actually happened in Pearl Harbor. On the same day of December 6, these two pilots woke up to a bombing by the Japanese aircrafts and they hopped in their car and drove to the airfield and took off for the mission to take on the Japanese despite thinking that they are outnumbered by a whopping 175-1. The proceedings of the mission were just like it is in the movie.


2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Two men steal a British warship

Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp plays the lead in this film as Captain Jack Sparrow. In one scene he has to steal a ship as he lacks one, a warship rather. He, with the help of a blacksmith cunningly executed the plan by duping the dock authorities that they are pretending to steal the ship. However, it happens in movies as in this that the authorities were such naive.

But if it is for Max Hardberger, it is not a film rather he does make a fool of the people and steals the ships. He has stolen over a dozen and all with his cunningness. Shipping companies have problems with the foreign nations, trapping their ships in the ports illegally. Then they turn towards the only man who could save them at the time and that is Harberger. He has always proved himself as a one man team every time and has never failed to get a ship.


3. Independence Day: The aircraft battle of Will Smith

Independence Day

Will Smith, a classic in himself in the film shot a scene where he had to fly the aircraft down a canyon for the Alien fighter to crash in the rocks while chasing him. Though it leaves us thinking that whether it was Smith himself? But this stunt was actually performed by a pilot in real.

November 13, 1996, was the day when an Israeli Air Force pilot Ran Ronen shot down a Syrian in a canyon like it was in the movie. In the fight between the two groups the Syrian outnumbered the Israeli by 2-1. But they still matched well. However, the three other pilots dropped and Ronen was left and he had to do something deathly now. He raced down a canyon with Muwaffaq Salti, the Syrian pilot chasing him. Salti made a grave error while dodging and Ronen shot him down right then.


4. XXX: Skiing in the avalanche


Vin Diesel is one of the well-known action heroes in Hollywood. The action packed and commercially successful movie “XXX” had an enthralling avalanche skiing stunt performed by Diesel. Now if you think these stunts are only performed in movies under expert surveillance, then this may be proved wrong by Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude. These two guys are expert skiers and looked forward for an avalanche to race. Finally when they found one, they could hold back and dived in to face the danger of death.


5. The Abyss: Bud breathing liquid

The Abyss

Ed Harris plays the role of Virgil Bud Brigman, foreman of the Benthic Petroleum oil rig. There is one scene in which Bud has to put on a scuba gear suit filled with high tech “breathable liquid” and dive deep in the water to deactivate a bomb. As the liquid starts filling up the lungs, Bud becomes genuinely nervous, seeing this, the other guy assures him that it’s a breathable liquid and would help him extract oxygen from for a long time.

This is not at all an imagination of James Cameron, director and writer of the film, rather it is real. It is actually an oxygenated fluorocarbon liquid that mammals can breathe. In 2010, a man called Arnold Lande wore this breathing suit just as it is in the movie.


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