Top 10 Things Newlyweds Should Buy

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Congratulations! Now as you begin with the journey of your married life, get ready to keep your wedding feeling fresh and new. Entering the married life with the hope that everything is going to run smoothly and will end up with the fairy-tale tag “and they lived happily ever after” is not impossible, it’s just that the new responsibilities, changes and events are to be followed with brain and heart. Though the newlyweds are flooded with gifts and cash, yet there are things which they can’t be gifted nor can they expect to be. There are things which every newlywed should buy so as to keep celebrating the fragrance of conjugal life till eternity. Below is an absolutely fantastic list which can make your ”just married” life happy,rocking and carefree!


1. Toiletries


Body spray, deodorant,face wash,antiseptic lotions,moisturisers,mouth wash,nail cutter,cuticle cleaner,ear-buds,wet tissues,hair depilatories -you need all of these in your closet if you don’t want your partner to show up with dry arms-legs or to embarass him/her with your heavy sweating problem .Try maintaining personal hygiene and smell good, so that it doesn’t stop both of you getting closer confidently. Buy toiletries to quickly clean yourselves and be ready to cuddle with your spouse instead of ruining the mood with bad odor, bad breath or a hairy body and stains of sweating. This will help both the partners in taking efforts to be romantic or tempting each other with romantic gestures.


2. Spa Package

Spa Package

Every newlywed have a rough time till their wedding day and have anxiety issues. It is the post wedding tiredness and stress which often make them step back from the excitement.The exertion causes fatigue and lack of enthusiasm among everyone of us. To enjoy the new life in a relaxed way, buy spa packages customised for couples. This spa session will help the newlyweds in handling the post-wedding blues. For many couples, it takes a lot of time to get back to the feeling “normal” and scheduling themselves for the loving seasons. Spa will de-toxify and de-stress newlyweds and make way towards relaxations –mentally, physically and emotionally.


3. Gifts


In relationships, it is always important to express how much you care for your spouse. In fact, gifts are the great way of expressing feelings, appreciations and love. For newlyweds, they should buy gifts to express their love for each other. Also they could buy gifts for in-laws and relatives and it will help the newlyweds in nurturing the new relationships. Buying and sharing gifts will give feelings of delightfulness and help binding relationships more easily. The most romantic way also could be to leave colorful handwritten love-notes for each other or simply keeping a photo of both of you in your purse or wallet and express how much you love your spouse. and long to be with when you are not physically together.


4. Frame


Get your wedding picture framed and fix it up in your bedroom wall so that it keeps you reminding of the best moment of your life and your wedding vows while you both tied the knot. So buy a beautiful piece of photo frame,add your best picture with your partner and adorn the wall of your bedroom.Treat your wedding picture in a special way and get a frame that matches your bedroom furniture. While the newlyweds hang the framed wedding photograph, they will be remembered of this day, especially during the time they face any ups and downs, get into a fight, and lose trust in each other or during any other problems that often crops up between married couples.


5. Books on Tips

books on tips

Newlyweds sometimes ignore the fact that they need any books for making their marriage survive and to be a happy one. All newlyweds are given advices by the experienced and older ones in the family, but sometimes there are the wrong advices too which can make your marriage suffer. To avoid such a mistake the married couples should buy books specially meant for the newlyweds. These books are helpful in giving good advices, informations, tips with examples, situations that often the newlyweds face and the solutions to deal with it. These books cover all the topics related to sex, dealing with in-laws, managing finances, and all other issues that touches the post marital life.


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