Top 10 Things Newlyweds Should Buy

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6. Health Insurance

health insurance

Health insurance is that one important thing which newlyweds will need at some point of their life. Even if they are in good health, it is always important to prepare yourself for the worst. It will make an easy way for them to be able to afford for the medical care and meet the expenses, if in future they have to face any accident. So to avoid getting stuck in the huge amount of medical bills and getting short with the money during the hard time, health insurance is what will help them protect getting burdened with sudden expenses. Buying a health insurance will financially secure their future. Remember, it will be a wise act to buy the best health insurance


7. Furnishings


Newlyweds have enough gifts for colouring their wedding life. But their room is what they both can decorate with new furnishings. This is how they can make their room a nest for sharing love. Redecorating their bedroom into more romantic one, should inspire the newlyweds’ absolute intimacy to make the magic happen. To set up the nest, firstly they need to clean up the clutter and purchase things like a new wardrobe, a big wall mirror and colours to paint up their walls of bedroom. Buy new curtains, coloured shades of lamps, potpourris, floating candles and some subtle scents.Also you can buy Feng-Shui articles for a blissful conjugal life or follow Vastu Shastra for harmony and fidility between the newly weds.


8. Colourful Dresses

colourful dresses

Though there is enough shopping each of the couple go for during the pre-wedding, but going for a shopping with your wedded partner is a way of exploring the choices of both the couple has. Buying colourful clothes for each other can be so much fun and dressing up for your partner will create moments of love. For the new bride, she has options like wearing shades of red, pink, purple and laces,satins or sheer see-through fabrics that spurs the mood of happiness and excitement, Buy something which would please your partner and let eachother taste a new avatar of you.Bright colors are happy colors so don’t think twice to keep your classic dresses in subdued tones or earthy hues packed in the wardrobe for some other time.


9. Honeymoon Package

honeymoon package

Isn’t going to place for sharing the private moments with your spouse alone, a special experience for the newlyweds? Then why not make it something which the wedded couple remember throughout their marital journey. It is not necessary that your partner would have the same choice of going for the honeymoon to a place you have a taste for. Don’t wait for someone else to gift you the honeymoon tickets.Sit with your soul-mate,decide and plan for the first trip together.They should agree with the honeymoon location which suits them, instead of making the other partner feel being dragged along the trip. Also,try to keep in mind if your partner has motion sickness or is hydrophobic.


10. Protection


Newlyweds should always discuss their family planning. So while they try getting to know each other and enjoy their love moments, they should take care of not jumping into or make any wrong move. Since newlyweds are bound to engage in the love game, they need to take the necessary precautions and use the appropriate protection to reduce the chances of inviting a non-invited guest. Since you have just got married, don’t be hurry in burdening yourselves with responsibilities of a child, go to the nearest chemist. Buy male or female condoms or contraceptive pills and enjoy your sex life. Also buy pregnancy test strips to get tested regularly; it will be better than risking your happiness.

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