Top 10 Alternate Sources of Energy

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6. Geothermal Energy

geothermal energy

The earth is like a “heating agent”, and deep into the surface of the earth are the hot rocks which exist and are nearly sufficient to produce steam . After producing steam, it can then be used to drive turbines and generate electricity in the usual manner. Geothermal which means, “Earth heat.” thus, is the thermal energy generated and stored in the earth.While the power is extracted from beneath the subsurface of earth, it can be used for heating and bathing purposes or any other way can be used, and will cost effective, sustainable, reliable and eco-friendly. A geothermal reservoir is a powerful source of energy which can supply to the demand of this source.


7. The Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power

The energy of water flowing in a river or stored in a dam is another potential sources of energy.It is the water producing electricity, which can be used as an alternative source. The energy of fast moving waters in rivers had been used by man for centuries, for rotating the wheels of water mills. When the wheels of the water-mills rotate, they drive various machines (operating mechanical devices like textile mills, water mills, power houses) which are connected to them and thus needs no physical effort. However, the more easiest way way of using the energy of water is to convert it into electrical energy by establishing hydroelectric power stations. Most hydroelectric energy comes from the potential energy of dammed water driving a water turbine and generator.


8. The Ocean Power

ocean power

Also called as Marine energy, is available in many forms like ocean thermal energy, tidal energy, energy of sea-waves, energy from salinity gradient in the sea, energy from the nuclear fusion of heavy hydrogen present in sea-water, energy from sea-vegetation or biomass . All these forms of oceanic energy can be converted into “usable form” of energy like electricity to supply power to homes, transport and industries. The movement of the sea waves can be used to drive dynamos which will generate electricity. Oceans have a tremendous amount of energy and has the potential of providing a substantial amount of new renewable energy around the world. The high capacity of water enables the ocean to act as a big collector and storehouse of solar heat energy.


9. The Wind Energy

Wind Energy

The blowing wind has been an important source of energy from ancient times, the energy of which is due to it’s motion. This energy is used to propel sail-boats, drive wind mills and aeroplanes and for generating electricity. When the blowing wind strikes across the blades of wind mills, it exerts a force which can be used to drive large number of machines like water pumps and flour mills.Older windmills were of an important use, as the wind energy which was produced, was further used to turn mechanical machinery to do physical work, like crushing grain or pumping water. This efficient, convenient and cheaper source of energy, is converted into electricity with the help of wind energy power stations. An advantage of converting wind energy into electricity is that it does not produce any environmental pollution.


10. The Sun Energy

solar panel

Sun is one of the major sources of energy which is renewable, also is the most abundant and everlasting source of energy on the earth. With the help of solar heating devices the energy of the sun can be trapped and can be converted to be utilized directly and indirectly – into electricity and chemical energy.Traditionally, this solar energy was used for cooking and heating purposes, for obtaining salt from the sea water, reducing moisture content in foodgrains after harvesting and most importantly for producing electricity, further driving a chemical reaction to make a fuel (hydrogen gas for instance). So the process includes simpler steps of capturing, converting and distributing the sunlight and further victimising it for harnessing.

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