Top 10 Veggies You Can Grow Yourself

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6. Peas


Peas are the most tender and sweet of all the vegetables and it adds taste to any dish you make. It is quite easy to grow it in your home; however with time the cost of vegetable has been soaring high and even if buy, it turns out to be lower in quantity compared to cost ( because of deflation of money). If you have little space in your home, all you need is a pot and two poles because they are creepers and they need some kind of support. The seeds must be sowed approx 2 inches apart from each other and needs a deep soil (approx 10 inches). And, see the work is done. The cost is buying it is less than cost of growing it in your own home.


7. Brinjal


These are way too easy to be grown, keeping in mind that it requires quite substantial amount of sunlight exposure. It must be grown in raised a bed which gets heated up quickly during springs and the growing season will start from 6 to 9 weeks. These are the plants which require a considerable space to grow out in voluptuous sizes. The only way to succeed with eggplants, there is a constant need to supply them with steadily warm growing conditions for at least three months. Eggplants are prone to sulk if it is growing in cold soil or exposed to chilly and is therefore more prone to insect and disease problems.


8. Spinach


This reminds of ‘Popeye the sailor man’. With the increased industrialization and globalization there is also ‘agriculturalization’ (although such kind of word doesn’t or has not yet been recognized. Earlier, the population was less and there was more land and less people and the demand of food especially natural fruits and vegetables were usually grown in homes. But things took a turn when, HYV seeds and artificial ways been evolved to satisfy the demand of people and hence the quality has been compromised ever since. Spinach has high mineral content and adds roughage to our bowl system and is also good for our eyes and hair. Today even, one can easily grow these veggies like spinach or its type in their as it requires little effort. All you need is small pot and plant them apart at 4 inches apart giving it considerable amount of light exposure, air and water. The money that we spend in buying them from retail shops, instead we can save time, energy and money growing it at home.


9. Coriander


Well the coriander has its own speciality and that is it has this beautiful flavour which completes the dish or adds some kind of aroma to the food. Coriander has its own speciality. And corianders are available easily in the supermarkets or normal bazaars. Infact one always have the choice to buy it pre-packed or in powdered form. Or, you can either get it fresh, but eventually whatever you buy that doesn’t add anything to your health but only to your taste buds because the powdered form lose their quality in process of refining. The quality stands degraded. So, why not try to grow in your own small kitchen garden which quite in your budget and well with quality it is quite good. Coriander is easy to be grown. All it needs is less of distraction and more of attention. This is because the roots are very sensitive to disturbance. A good place to grow the leaves is in the pots and shady area. Adding to it, it needs good compost soil and since it grows quickly, you can never have a shortage of these herbs.


10. Lady’s Finger

Lady's finger

Popularly known as ‘bhindi’ in India and it is one of its own kind and has its popularity in India when it comes to lip smacking ‘bhindi masala’ popular in every Indian kitchen. Since it keeps falling into our regular diet so it is quite easy to grow at home provided you have small area (or kitchen) to grow. It mostly grows well in tropical countries and India is one of the examples. It is nonetheless not very much soil specific type of vegetable. It can grow very well in any kind of soil type provide the soil must be rich and well drained. It grows best in indoors under full light 3-4 weeks.

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